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4 months ago

Cursed Baldski

Cursed Baldski

5 months ago

It’s Here

It’s Here

Year ago

  1. Brooks Andrew

    Brooks Andrew14 hours ago

    Akinfenwa is just a really cool dude

  2. Maj

    Maj14 hours ago

    No I’m last

  3. Night King 48

    Night King 4814 hours ago


  4. Johnny Sins

    Johnny Sins14 hours ago

    Who’s here after it hit 12 million views

  5. Blazin Smokes

    Blazin Smokes14 hours ago


  6. 诶unbeatable1901

    诶unbeatable190114 hours ago


  7. Malachi Shaw

    Malachi Shaw14 hours ago


  8. Xavier

    Xavier14 hours ago

    Who's here after logan is gonna face mayweather

  9. Kanisati Balda

    Kanisati Balda14 hours ago

    baldski made it far

  10. adele 510

    adele 51014 hours ago


  11. Ghosthoyt12

    Ghosthoyt1215 hours ago

    And to this day he is ban from each place

  12. DavidArias

    DavidArias15 hours ago

    The thumbnail got me bro.

  13. Boiled Potato

    Boiled Potato15 hours ago

    Thats normal

  14. desi baroz shrek

    desi baroz shrek15 hours ago


  15. Joco

    Joco15 hours ago

    KSI joined the crips

  16. BLOCK021

    BLOCK02115 hours ago

    After along scroll ifind it hahahaha

  17. Santiago delaflor

    Santiago delaflor15 hours ago

    3:50 what song

  18. Joe mijanovic

    Joe mijanovic15 hours ago

    Here 8 years later

  19. Royal

    Royal15 hours ago


  20. Straydex

    Straydex15 hours ago

    Anyone got this song as a ad

  21. UsErphas3

    UsErphas315 hours ago

    The way lil babys part had a built up beat made it so much better

  22. Rionplayz

    Rionplayz16 hours ago

    can't believe it has been 4 years already

  23. Will Thorogood

    Will Thorogood16 hours ago


  24. carlos henriquez

    carlos henriquez16 hours ago

    *builds time machine* me: since we finished building this time machine which year should we go to? my friend: 2020 me and my other friend: 5:15

  25. THanxFamala M

    THanxFamala M16 hours ago

    This is funnier than his movie

  26. God Fall

    God Fall16 hours ago


  27. TheMiniME

    TheMiniME16 hours ago

    I know u looked this up, it wasn’t recommended

  28. Sehajpal SS

    Sehajpal SS16 hours ago

    Great job Ksi keep it upwelling hate Logan Paul.

  29. Shadow Minecrafter

    Shadow Minecrafter16 hours ago

    yeah these comments are so recent

  30. Emanuel Fong

    Emanuel Fong16 hours ago


  31. Hyperzz

    Hyperzz16 hours ago

    Better then jake pauls whole career

  32. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson16 hours ago


  33. Rod 23

    Rod 2317 hours ago

    I hate being the older sibling because my brother cries over everything

  34. AriaLeila

    AriaLeila17 hours ago

    Geez loll Craig David's voice has not changed since i was 15 hahaha 19years ago lord zzzz

  35. james Markowitz

    james Markowitz17 hours ago

    Here in 21 and he still knows what good music is.

  36. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    Ksi's send verse is good in the original version.

  37. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    This acoustic version is so good ... been listening to it for a week now .... Nice JJ

  38. Davonte

    Davonte17 hours ago

    Life would be over.

  39. Eric W

    Eric W17 hours ago

    Randolph seriously murdered this.

  40. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    Best ksi song


    ALONDRA TSURUMI - ORTIZ17 hours ago

    who is here for yungblud?.. me yiiiii :3 wear your pink socks kids👍

  42. Mason.

    Mason.17 hours ago

    2021. Still funny.

  43. lodva

    lodva17 hours ago

    I forgot about this

  44. yea nah nah

    yea nah nah17 hours ago

    Yo who's watching this rn 😎😎

  45. Andre Monroe

    Andre Monroe17 hours ago

    8 years later and legend says that he's still trying to block ksi

  46. Alessandro Manno

    Alessandro Manno17 hours ago

    When USlikes places this in your recommendations and the nostalgia hits you🥲

  47. Manic Master

    Manic Master17 hours ago

    This song so fire

  48. Roomify

    Roomify17 hours ago

    Rewatching this while waiting for Jake paul vs ksi

  49. Username

    Username17 hours ago

    This is his most underrated song

  50. Nate Harrington

    Nate Harrington18 hours ago

    We need a behind the scenes for a behind the scenes.

  51. IGL Wolfyz

    IGL Wolfyz18 hours ago

    you came back for the nostalgia


    UNKNOWN. GUY18 hours ago

    Epic 👍

  53. Tom Sharps

    Tom Sharps18 hours ago


  54. djboutill

    djboutill18 hours ago


  55. zykeveyin malone

    zykeveyin malone18 hours ago

    why are these comments so recent?

  56. Faamaoni Lalomilo

    Faamaoni Lalomilo18 hours ago


  57. thefastestboi

    thefastestboi18 hours ago

    8:57 thats it h3 did it

  58. Christian Connolly

    Christian Connolly18 hours ago

    Dont mind me, just coming back to my childhood:)

  59. DU NRZY

    DU NRZY18 hours ago

    all the people in the street seeing this

  60. M1RK4N

    M1RK4N18 hours ago

    It didnt even look that bad tbh

  61. Faris Ahmed

    Faris Ahmed18 hours ago

    It's a traditional to watch this once in awhile

  62. Spacezero

    Spacezero18 hours ago

    Will smith will smith will smith? Yes’ will smith will smith will smith. ( and yes that’s English and it makes sense if you think about it)

  63. Takukage

    Takukage18 hours ago


  64. Naufal Apta

    Naufal Apta18 hours ago

    Who else watch this in 2021?

  65. Just Lith

    Just Lith18 hours ago

    Like: Sidemen Comment: Team 10

  66. Abdulla Abdellatif Dafalla

    Abdulla Abdellatif Dafalla18 hours ago

    Lil baby probably got sent the wrong beat xD

  67. Miguel Brosas

    Miguel Brosas18 hours ago

    Then you realize this is the same guy who's making a song with Craig David, Anne Marie, and many other mainstream music people


    KLIPPERS18 hours ago

    This guy could become a boxer you know

  69. Sean Hynds

    Sean Hynds19 hours ago

    Why does this hit different now

  70. Saroun

    Saroun19 hours ago

    LMFAO when logan pushed jj and the paul squad came it was so cringe they def werent shit💀💀💀

  71. Aiden Asewicz

    Aiden Asewicz19 hours ago

    Now it’s the other way around

  72. Saroun

    Saroun19 hours ago

    Jake paul was actually having voice cracks u can tell he was breaking in the pre interview

  73. Lge4259

    Lge425919 hours ago

    This song needed to be 3 minutes longer tbh

  74. Tom Kaas

    Tom Kaas19 hours ago

    I cant set the link ksi did this emo shit

  75. TobiasIsBroken

    TobiasIsBroken19 hours ago

    This song would be good if we just cropped out KSI and YUNGBLUD

  76. Phoenix Milburn

    Phoenix Milburn19 hours ago


  77. HoldMyPocket

    HoldMyPocket19 hours ago


  78. Hussain Mudasir

    Hussain Mudasir19 hours ago

    That hadoken changes his life........

  79. Decept_ion

    Decept_ion19 hours ago


  80. Cold Spartan

    Cold Spartan19 hours ago