Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [KSI Behind The Scenes Video]

Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [KSI Behind The Scenes]
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  1. yea nah nah

    yea nah nahDay ago

    This video made me love ksi even more man 😢

  2. lillyrose and lexirose rose

    lillyrose and lexirose rose2 days ago


  3. lillyrose and lexirose rose

    lillyrose and lexirose rose2 days ago

    Omg lol

  4. Victor Vartyan

    Victor Vartyan2 days ago

    One of the best songs i have aver heard

  5. Juan Largacha

    Juan Largacha3 days ago

    Oow weee

  6. Steve Smalley

    Steve Smalley3 days ago

    I don’t like ksi cause he hit Wilbur soot in the face real hard

  7. • Uno reverse card •

    • Uno reverse card •4 days ago

    Technoblade 😂😂

  8. Mg Sy

    Mg Sy8 days ago

    Ur moving mad I’m dead 😂😂😂

  9. TY Fadoju

    TY Fadoju12 days ago

    So good

  10. TheRanger

    TheRanger13 days ago

    AYE YO

  11. TheRanger

    TheRanger13 days ago

    cute couple

  12. African buddha

    African buddha16 days ago

    Why can’t I play games oowee

  13. Mini Master

    Mini Master16 days ago

    WHY Did u Hit Will ur I'm London For no Reason He Was Joking He didn't wanna Fight Bruh I WAS A past Suscríbete Bye the way Bye

  14. Shahan Ahmed Awan

    Shahan Ahmed Awan19 days ago

    2:39 it actually looked like he was gonna rip her arm off

  15. Call me Sid

    Call me Sid19 days ago

    Her voice is really unique

  16. Sam Sawdon

    Sam Sawdon20 days ago

    love your song ksi awesome bro :)

  17. benjyfishy fanboy

    benjyfishy fanboy22 days ago

    Logan is still better

  18. Reuben Lim

    Reuben Lim26 days ago

    Wowzers,really love this song.🙌🔥❤💯

  19. Gabriel Kostic

    Gabriel KosticMonth ago

    This fatness really did something with his life congrats

  20. Slushie Gaming

    Slushie GamingMonth ago

    This song is a banger! One of my favs!!

  21. Matteo whiteaker

    Matteo whiteakerMonth ago

    Imaging dream calling ksi in the middle of shooting the video

  22. Winter _Blix

    Winter _BlixMonth ago

    This song is so underrated it’s not even fair

  23. middle man21

    middle man21Month ago

    2021 is going mad JJ on a madness with music Dejis fighting again after 3 years morgz has stopped faking his vids sssniperwolf beat both JJ and Logan in subs we’ve defeated coronavirus (we’ve got a vaccine) goku mastered ui (only manga readers will know) the nine tails is dead

  24. Middle Finger Canelo

    Middle Finger CaneloMonth ago

    Jake is the only one left then it will finally be done

  25. sk

    skMonth ago


  26. Robert Hutton

    Robert HuttonMonth ago

    I live in Taiwan and this just came on the radio here. Man's breaking ground in Asia. Yes Bois!

  27. Tony Ray

    Tony RayMonth ago

    Bruh you're moving mad best momment

  28. jenna aldous

    jenna aldousMonth ago

    Anne marie in this video ! 🤩

  29. Emre Turk

    Emre TurkMonth ago

    Ahhh that’s where everyone toilet paper when to

  30. NomNomNom

    NomNomNomMonth ago

    Jj should have done sumin with juice wrld before juice passed awwy

  31. Isobel Lyall

    Isobel LyallMonth ago

    Just me who at the start carried on with his yt intro because its weird not hearing olajidebt

  32. sultan raja

    sultan rajaMonth ago

    My favourite song

  33. TEAM shotZ

    TEAM shotZMonth ago

    Ok we see you

  34. Mister WiZeguy

    Mister WiZeguyMonth ago

    There’s been a lot of joking that JJ is having a kid, and what would happen if it was a girl. But after watching this video, I’m just here imagining, “What if she follows his footsteps and became a boxer?”. I might actually cry if I see that day. 🥲

  35. Middle Finger Canelo

    Middle Finger CaneloMonth ago

    Yeah but i wilk definetly cry when ksi wins against jake. Bit we still have to think of the possibilities of him losing. But even if jj lose we will still love him

  36. Devastators Army

    Devastators ArmyMonth ago

    King Fatneek I don’t think Troy is a weird guy DFA is a weird guy he doesn’t speak to the people and is socially awkward in the front of the camera

  37. AAO Tube

    AAO TubeMonth ago

    Anyone else just listened to his new song "patience "

  38. Lil marcz

    Lil marczMonth ago

    Loser changed his profile pic 😡

  39. Arian A

    Arian AMonth ago

    Wait did he just changed the profile pic?

  40. Mithush Amirthalinkam

    Mithush AmirthalinkamMonth ago

    @-Daniel- same like the official video

  41. -Daniel-

    -Daniel-Month ago

    I'm waiting for him to upload it

  42. Mithush Amirthalinkam

    Mithush AmirthalinkamMonth ago

    I think he did

  43. Fabiano Pungol

    Fabiano PungolMonth ago

    Stormzy x KSI, where are you

  44. Colin Mark

    Colin MarkMonth ago

    Who’s here because he turned off comments on Patience

  45. -Daniel-

    -Daniel-Month ago

    Lmao I just listened to a minute of it its shit

  46. -Daniel-

    -Daniel-Month ago

    There isn't a video

  47. -Daniel-

    -Daniel-Month ago


  48. Jaiden Walsh

    Jaiden WalshMonth ago

    Anne marrie Vs Jake paul -KSI

  49. Derp Man

    Derp ManMonth ago

    He changed pfp

  50. Triton 2121

    Triton 2121Month ago

    Hi man, greetings from CZ, i hear this shiz here in radio😅😂🤟👌resp from czeko ,keep it up ✊✊✊

  51. FakeACFK

    FakeACFKMonth ago

    Don’t Play Game’s!

  52. Balázs Házi

    Balázs HáziMonth ago

    This song is a fucking banger tho

  53. Jasone Broamann

    Jasone BroamannMonth ago

    It’s crazy how you got so good with what you are doing. Comparing “I’m on a horse” with this just shows how much passion and hard work you put in your music, congrats on achieving all this, you deserve it. Keep going man

  54. Mark Donohue

    Mark DonohueMonth ago

    I wouldn't fuck with Anne Marie!!!!!! 😲

  55. Bigboyplayz

    BigboyplayzMonth ago


  56. Darko Ćosić

    Darko ĆosićMonth ago

    So now he is really deep in the music eh?

  57. N_twice11 YT

    N_twice11 YT2 months ago

    Can we have a 1 hour version? Asking for a friend

  58. a sponge

    a sponge2 months ago

    He should collab with JJ

  59. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    Can somebody please give me money I am very poor

  60. karwan bawashex

    karwan bawashex2 months ago

    Black epic sax guy part 2

  61. Providence ⴵ

    Providence ⴵ2 months ago

    Yeah thats cool and all but don’t forget to buy Akinfenwa or Hesky

  62. no exceptions

    no exceptions2 months ago


  63. F.C FUSION

    F.C FUSION2 months ago

    Plz heart this

  64. Crash FF

    Crash FF2 months ago

    KSI look like JJ...?

  65. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    @Crash FF I live in Ohio

  66. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    @Crash FF Ohio

  67. Crash FF

    Crash FF2 months ago

    @Hello guys How are you k sory where you live tho?

  68. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    @Crash FF what makes you say I’m racist? Because I said the word poo makes me a racist lmao 😂😂😂 were you born yesterday?

  69. Crash FF

    Crash FF2 months ago

    @Hello guys How are you ok but answer me where you live and are you racist? Hehe boi

  70. LamaNowel

    LamaNowel2 months ago

    can you react to pete and bas old estate

  71. Moss Homran

    Moss Homran2 months ago

    amazing song!!!

  72. I am cultures

    I am cultures2 months ago

    This video was a banger!

  73. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    I eat poo and I am very poor and I live in poverty


    M.M.P SAR AEI WAH2 months ago

    So ksi is time you got 1M like 😎

  75. Hello guys How are you

    Hello guys How are you2 months ago

    I live in poverty and I am very poor and I need money

  76. Eternal Gaming

    Eternal Gaming2 months ago

    Who that pink weirdo

  77. Dragon Ball Legends master

    Dragon Ball Legends master2 months ago

    FU KSI

  78. REASON℠

    REASON℠2 months ago

    Good song, but lets be honest here, his laugh alone got thousands of likes.

  79. Onii Chan

    Onii Chan2 months ago

    His recent video about being banned, shows a USlikes logo in his Thumpnail making you think his main got deleted. I went to go check so I wouldn’t have to click on his recent. I hate clickbaited video. I’m glad USlikes added a preview so I wouldn’t have to watch it

  80. M0 nothing

    M0 nothing2 months ago

    the thing ksi stupid is the same that make him like a good thing and i think he is my friend with out he knows me i just watch them like maybe 5 to6 video at least one of them long is 40😂😂

  81. Rowen The Rowboat

    Rowen The Rowboat2 months ago

    2:46 shit, you wanna teach me?

  82. abdulaziz ALKARISHAN

    abdulaziz ALKARISHAN2 months ago

    Ksi simp souper simp such a simpppp

  83. Cristan

    Cristan2 months ago

    Bruh you movin mad - jj

  84. MRG ki vines and vlogs

    MRG ki vines and vlogs2 months ago

    Ksi have a fight with Jake oh I forgot that your scared

  85. Its Geo

    Its Geo2 months ago

    So are we gonna talk about “destine for allah” on the jj olotunji page😭

  86. MrLaggyLaggerson

    MrLaggyLaggerson2 months ago

    Ksi plz go find collinskinner2 he is on tiktok and he's almost reached 100 days of planking until u notice him

  87. MM Hyt

    MM Hyt2 months ago


  88. Wolf_Plays

    Wolf_Plays2 months ago

    You look like Scooby Doo. Srry i had too

  89. Yardeeknow Who it is

    Yardeeknow Who it is2 months ago

    Did he get hacked?

  90. Mellow

    Mellow2 months ago

    Eilsocray called you out for a boxing match

  91. bob smith

    bob smith2 months ago

    You need get hyper!!!!

  92. Km K

    Km K2 months ago

    I hate u u so mean to other people

  93. Himate

    Himate2 months ago

    Ur new song called destined for Allah tops this

  94. It's Mo

    It's Mo2 months ago


  95. SwaeWay

    SwaeWay2 months ago


  96. jamiee3ldn

    jamiee3ldn2 months ago

    Wait James Charles has more subs?


    LCYT LILUN2 months ago

    Damn the pig helmet looking dope


    LING LING2 months ago

    This song slap cuh

  99. BryanTv

    BryanTv2 months ago


  100. Mace Face

    Mace Face2 months ago

    Ooooh weeee

  101. luka grujicic

    luka grujicic2 months ago

    Wait is this jj olatunji or ksi?

  102. Demoman

    Demoman2 months ago


  103. Freddy Guzman

    Freddy Guzman2 months ago

    “Bruh you moving mad”

  104. 得秘Gigi

    得秘Gigi2 months ago


  105. I’m sag of nith path

    I’m sag of nith path2 months ago

    Hi like miucr

  106. dogo

    dogo2 months ago

    no one gives a shit bring back cheese strings

  107. ITS_AUSTIN._.

    ITS_AUSTIN._.2 months ago

    Those 873 dislikes are RiceGum fans

  108. Moses John

    Moses John2 months ago

    lmao the like to dislike ratio is unreal

  109. Yuichi Covers

    Yuichi Covers2 months ago

    I resoect ksi now

  110. PGHEWrexham

    PGHEWrexham2 months ago


  111. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak2 months ago

    Beautiful song!

  112. Shxdow_Cream

    Shxdow_Cream14 days ago

    I swear u r the king of appearing everywhere

  113. Amal Joe Sojan

    Amal Joe SojanMonth ago

    Ray Makky, how you doing

  114. Aditya Mehta

    Aditya MehtaMonth ago

    @Cnp’sCanGo Extinct yea

  115. Cnp’sCanGo Extinct

    Cnp’sCanGo ExtinctMonth ago

    @Aditya Mehta he rarely does

  116. lil t

    lil tMonth ago

    Yo how the hell do you comment everywhere 😂

  117. S I N YT

    S I N YT2 months ago

    Does KSI read his comments

  118. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  119. drew davis

    drew davis2 months ago

    It’s pretty cool of you to be there for fundy

  120. ItzEdric

    ItzEdric2 months ago

    This brings a smile to my face :) So nice to see JJ behind the scenes 👍

  121. SiimplyRainbows

    SiimplyRainbows2 months ago

    My cousin has met you bc his friends mum works with you idk if she still does but yeah Also this is my new fav song my sis loves u btw she watches u all the time

  122. amer am

    amer am2 months ago

    الله يوفقك❤️🙏