KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Music Video]

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  1. Corona Is Shit

    Corona Is Shit40 minutes ago


  2. afizzle

    afizzle6 hours ago


  3. Stephan P.

    Stephan P.8 hours ago

    Does anybody here knows the name of the intro? 0:00 - 0:12


    AMMAR KHARISMA23 hours ago

    Black nya mereka berprestasi. 😅, wokeeh 👍👍👍👍✊

  5. Heatchecxz

    HeatchecxzDay ago

    Who the girl give me a answer😤

  6. kingkevboi67

    kingkevboi67Day ago

    Why not just use a Nigerian accent instead of a Jamaican one. That would have been way cooler and would have actually made sense

  7. kingkevboi67

    kingkevboi679 hours ago

    @Krabstiks ya obviously but it's been done a thousand times and he's not Jamaican. He's Nigerian it would have been way cooler and more unique if he used his Nigerian accent. Be original

  8. Krabstiks

    Krabstiks16 hours ago

    The Jamaican accent really goes well especially with a beat and song like this.

  9. Krabstiks

    KrabstiksDay ago

    Yo this song goes extremely hard. I'm convinced that JJ can't make a song that sounds bad even if he tried to.

  10. Retrø

    RetrøDay ago

    This was just the kickstart of his music career

  11. JESTER, you'retoo Savage

    JESTER, you'retoo Savage2 days ago

    Damn, the beat goes hard

  12. I use arch

    I use arch2 days ago

    only fire song he has released

  13. Ankith Nair

    Ankith Nair2 days ago

    I refuse to believe this was a WHOLE YEAR AGO . Bro, I still remember being in the middle of doing my hw when watching this a minute after it dropped

  14. homer thompson

    homer thompson23 hours ago

    its been 6 years

  15. TerryVibes

    TerryVibes3 days ago

    Nice track! Bless

  16. The jags

    The jags3 days ago

    this was a year ago

  17. SlATVH

    SlATVH3 days ago

    Who’s listening in May Don’t cap I know you are.

  18. Hector FRINGHIAN

    Hector FRINGHIAN4 days ago

    This is already a year old!!!

  19. Rebecca Rokocibi

    Rebecca Rokocibi4 days ago

    On Spotify this blew up

  20. Ayodeji Dawodu

    Ayodeji Dawodu4 days ago

    Ksi most legendary song

  21. Bzy1x

    Bzy1x4 days ago

    "What about the personality, KSI?"

  22. Tasmay Shah

    Tasmay Shah5 days ago

    So hyped for his new album coming out

  23. Kise

    Kise5 days ago

    Sk damn good

  24. Karina Cadovica-Saltupere

    Karina Cadovica-Saltupere5 days ago

    My g

  25. Glayden Prugg

    Glayden Prugg5 days ago

    Who's here from Koopcomp?

  26. Kise

    Kise4 days ago

    @Lifes shit Innit pfffft no idea

  27. Lifes shit Innit

    Lifes shit Innit4 days ago

    Who tf is that

  28. Glayden Prugg

    Glayden Prugg5 days ago

    @Kise counter

  29. Kise

    Kise5 days ago

    @Glayden Prugg ratio

  30. Glayden Prugg

    Glayden Prugg5 days ago

    @Kise ratio

  31. Ethanos

    Ethanos5 days ago

    there has never been a song where a youtuber can sound this good you almost never see this type of stuff, what arn't you gonna get with this guy, entertaining vids, banger songs, banger albums, I mean.....Come on

  32. The Band of Brotherhood

    The Band of Brotherhood5 days ago

    Ksi’s best track

  33. Samuel Pannell

    Samuel Pannell5 days ago


  34. Rayzzen11

    Rayzzen116 days ago

    Jamaican KSI XDD XXD

  35. Mymanslippy

    Mymanslippy6 days ago

    Why did you stop making songs like these?

  36. Josue Cabrera

    Josue Cabrera6 days ago

    He didn't stop he said himself he always changes the style

  37. Rapid Ewie21

    Rapid Ewie216 days ago

    Can’t believe it’s already a year old

  38. suli

    suli6 days ago

    oh yes he crashed the rental ferrari and he went with the rental lambo, needed to change the lyric tho

  39. Lifes shit Innit

    Lifes shit Innit4 days ago

    Lmao his beerus chain more expensive then a ferrari and a lambo

  40. meliodas 4533

    meliodas 45337 days ago


  41. l???? w#h#o#

    l???? w#h#o#7 days ago

    *aggressive twerking*

  42. Rit

    Rit7 days ago

    burhv i wish we had like infinite chances to like videos on youtube ....i would have liked this everytime I hear it

  43. Rit

    Rit7 days ago

    listening to this in april 2021.....still the same feel bro

  44. Yadave Jayekurun

    Yadave Jayekurun7 days ago

    no way it’s already been a year

  45. Emil Górski

    Emil Górski7 days ago

    "H-houdini H-houdini, slight of hand so quick you'd think it's a Lamborghini🚗💨🇮🇹 "

  46. Emil Górski

    Emil Górski7 days ago

    "H houdini H houdini, slight of hand so fast you'd think it's a Lamborghini🚗💨🇮🇹 "

  47. CodingMadeClear

    CodingMadeClear7 days ago

    My neighbours loved this song so much they invited the cops to come over and listen to it.

  48. Echo snipZz Playzz

    Echo snipZz Playzz7 days ago

    Ksi 🇯🇲 jj🇬🇧

  49. Michal Koky

    Michal Koky7 days ago

    Ksi needs to make more bangers like this

  50. Noel

    Noel8 days ago

    Got recommended, well no harm in watching for the 169th time

  51. Jack Wolf

    Jack Wolf8 days ago


  52. Rivals Unity

    Rivals Unity8 days ago

    Billie Elish

  53. Zed Leplin

    Zed Leplin8 days ago

    ez pz sweezy

  54. Lisa Curley

    Lisa Curley8 days ago


  55. Ghostboy_0taku

    Ghostboy_0taku8 days ago

    The dislikes are all Logan Paul fans

  56. Ben Willis

    Ben Willis9 days ago

    Mad this banger has been a year

  57. Vaibhav rana

    Vaibhav rana9 days ago

    Babatunde's verse💯💯💯

  58. Amaan

    Amaan9 days ago

    Straight up bangerrr


    ANJALI SAJITH9 days ago

    JJ olatunji fans like anjali not adi

  60. Nihal Shajahan

    Nihal Shajahan9 days ago

    Happy Birthday

  61. Eshitha

    Eshitha9 days ago

    ksi fans dont like adi just comment adi

  62. Nihal Shajahan

    Nihal Shajahan9 days ago

    happy Birthday ...


    ANJALI SAJITH9 days ago

    illengi ?

  64. xx Picasso xx

    xx Picasso xx9 days ago

    yeh shore cause adi is the biggest thallu

  65. Elifas Kurnia P

    Elifas Kurnia P9 days ago

    sidemen back to school 2 bring me here

  66. Chxppathegoat

    Chxppathegoat9 days ago


  67. absolute chad

    absolute chad9 days ago

    Remember when people were so gassed about this masterpiece

  68. Antonio

    Antonio9 days ago


  69. the inevitable thanos

    the inevitable thanos9 days ago

    It's been a year and this was released on my birthday

  70. Foray

    Foray9 days ago

    Same lol, happy late birthday

  71. Chidubem Duruibe

    Chidubem Duruibe10 days ago

    Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later, forgiving us for our sins if we repent

  72. Anzelika vickun

    Anzelika vickun10 days ago

    Yes G 🙌

  73. TJ Masemola

    TJ Masemola10 days ago

    Who else's still vibing to this shit🔥🔥🔥 BRING DAT TING,OHHH

  74. Andy Keyrouz

    Andy Keyrouz10 days ago

    A year since this Masterpiece was Uploaded🔥🔥🔥

  75. Fire_Nation_Blake

    Fire_Nation_Blake10 days ago

    Bruh this a year ago!?!?!? I remember vibing to this while playing with my friends

  76. Eiiw i2i2i

    Eiiw i2i2i10 days ago


  77. pulsserr

    pulsserr11 days ago

    Fifa2022 soundtrack surely

  78. Md nazmus sakib

    Md nazmus sakib11 days ago

    this song remind me of GTA 4 . so related

  79. Sadie O

    Sadie O11 days ago

    Yes lets goo my dude

  80. Maan Morjaria

    Maan Morjaria11 days ago

    dont worry ur not the only one who came back to watch the music video in April 2021

  81. Noice Kiddo

    Noice Kiddo11 days ago

    This is the worst tion Wayne song

  82. Neekzy

    Neekzy10 days ago


  83. SPP

    SPP11 days ago

    One year!

  84. Francis Naufahu

    Francis Naufahu11 days ago

    Can’t believe this is a year ago!? Time is going fast!

  85. A P

    A P11 days ago

    feels like yesterday when this came out and i was listening to it for the first time in bed


    ANONYMOS11 days ago

    One year since this banger was made!

  87. Павло Король

    Павло Король11 days ago

    It's a year since it got dropped

  88. Matthew Ataho

    Matthew Ataho11 days ago

    the vibes

  89. unknown user

    unknown user11 days ago

    Now a year omg covid made time quite quickly

  90. MemeUnlimited

    MemeUnlimited11 days ago

    It’s been exactly a year

  91. Mnguyet Ligy

    Mnguyet Ligy12 days ago

    Its been a year.....


    DARTHVEJDOR12 days ago

    since the best song jj has dropped out

  93. Nomonde Euginia

    Nomonde Euginia12 days ago

    KSI looks like lil Yachty. I'm not gonna lie bro

  94. Calum Roberts

    Calum Roberts12 days ago

    Exactly a year since my favourite one of jj’s songs came out. Certified banger🔥

  95. Calum Roberts

    Calum Roberts11 days ago

    @DARTHVEJDOR same! All he’s gotta do it best jake🔥


    DARTHVEJDOR12 days ago

    @Calum Roberts yeah i agree. He has leveled up his music and im so pround as a ksi fan. Also you can hear some of his songs on the radio and I get emotional when I hear one of his songs 😀

  97. Calum Roberts

    Calum Roberts12 days ago

    @DARTHVEJDOR every song since this has been good, but I still think this has top spot. Don’t play and domain are close second and third

  98. Calum Roberts

    Calum Roberts12 days ago

    @DARTHVEJDOR it is a very good ringtone!


    DARTHVEJDOR12 days ago

    Agree, i love this track. Actually i have it as a ringtone

  100. Carter Reid

    Carter Reid12 days ago

    Only real ones are here exactly a year later

  101. Jack Moore

    Jack Moore12 days ago

    It’s been a year since this banger came out

  102. Josh Stephen

    Josh Stephen12 days ago

    Ksi haters was crying when these bangers were dropping 😂😂

  103. Tristan Hall

    Tristan Hall12 days ago

    When babatunde gets a drink of WOTAAH

  104. Unknown

    Unknown13 days ago

    Who's the girl?


    SHUBHAM PATIL13 days ago

    This song is gonna turn a year older tomorrow. Damn time sure does flies by !

  106. iitzboom

    iitzboom13 days ago

    Your voice is never good in any of your song its good of the other guy always

  107. ugnee n saadett

    ugnee n saadett13 days ago

    Awwwh almost a year since Houdini was released 😢

  108. BOOMX

    BOOMX14 days ago


  109. CE HUNTER1

    CE HUNTER114 days ago

    I wish to make a banger like this when I'm older

  110. Fezc

    Fezc15 days ago

    This video lasted longer than the Ben Askren fight

  111. 【Pink_ poppy】

    【Pink_ poppy】15 days ago

    Houdini is such a underated song

  112. This channel Is still dead

    This channel Is still dead7 days ago

    @Abishek Kumar nigga, he wasn’t even saying nun bad. Just saying that the world needs to wake up on his music. He didn’t even say that at all. You on your period nigga, or wth?

  113. kaja uday

    kaja uday7 days ago

    Its his best song ever on par with lighter

  114. Abishek Kumar

    Abishek Kumar7 days ago

    @jack_kingston_17 YT Bro.. Atleast he is richer than you.. And you commenting shit about other people not doing a single thing 😂😂

  115. jack_kingston_17 YT

    jack_kingston_17 YT10 days ago

    @This channel Is still dead jj still underrated he needs to make more tunes and collab with more artists in uk

  116. 【Pink_ poppy】

    【Pink_ poppy】12 days ago

    @This channel Is still dead tbh I did say Houdini is an underrated song otherwise I would have said jj’s music is underrated

  117. Esther Govender

    Esther Govender15 days ago

    Good one 😂🤣👌

  118. Sunny

    Sunny15 days ago

    Great name for the song. Its magical

  119. NV Torn

    NV Torn15 days ago

    POV: you are going through the comments realizing everyone had the same idea as you

  120. Yoke World

    Yoke World16 days ago

    ehhhh ohhhh damn

  121. Pretzels With Salt

    Pretzels With Salt16 days ago

    Not my cup of tea, but atleast I can appreciate SOME effort, that KSI puts

  122. Darkness

    Darkness16 days ago


  123. chill milki

    chill milki16 days ago


  124. sevengazzy

    sevengazzy17 days ago

    1.25x go breezy ❄️

  125. Ari

    Ari17 days ago

    Dont worry your not the only one here in april 2021

  126. EXW

    EXW17 days ago

    run up a man and squeeze

  127. Black Coon

    Black Coon17 days ago

    RIP houdini

  128. Oluwaseun Majekodunmi

    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi18 days ago

    Swarmz isn’t Nigerian