KSI - Killa Killa [Thrilla Thrilla] feat. Aiyana-Lee Official Music Video

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Baddie run the trap when I’m in these streets
You don’t wanna play no no
Got a target on your back standing next to me

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re (Ah!)

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Music punching or the internet, I kill all of that
20 million when I see the net, I made all of that
Even when I’m ill I see the vet, I’m an animal
They know I’m eating up the threat, Like I’m Hannibal
I got no reason to panic when all the money paid
Tailor made wearing Armani now that I’m feeling suede
Money May now I can choose the weather on any day
Anyway, King of the drama killing it everyday
Know you hurting Cos you always throwback
Rolling through the pieces on a Kodak
I’m the catch, saving like a goalie
Wishing but I know you fucking hate me

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no you don’t know who ya, Na
You don’t know who you’re fucking with
I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many)
Turn up in a killer mode, legacy fiddling
End another man and then I’m leaving them piddling
I’m a beast when I’m onnit
Hotter than your bonnet
I really want it like buffalo needing women
Shredding it
And then I’m deading it
Repeating me winning the figure like I’m Benedict
Got the money flowing proper like an ATM
Gotta see me glowing proper with that Alien
Taller than the Makkah when I gotta stack it up
Now she Sounding like Chewbacca when she back it up

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with
Directed By Troy Roscoe: troyroscoe_?hl=en
Co-directed by: Nayip Ramos
Music Management: Mams Taylor -
RBC Records
#KillaKilla #KSI #AiyanaLee #HipHop


  1. BananaMan

    BananaMan2 days ago

    Ksi my cousin met you :O

  2. {Beastツ}

    {Beastツ}2 days ago

    On Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Paul Yoxall

    Paul Yoxall4 days ago

    Jesus christ is this what is masquerading as music these days

  4. Freya E

    Freya E4 days ago

    1:12 is that Bearus?

  5. Aditya Anand

    Aditya Anand7 days ago

    Her voice is amazing and ksi ❤️

  6. X D

    X D14 days ago

    1:13 only ogs will remember bearus

  7. shiron radiation

    shiron radiation14 days ago

    We dont know him as ksi we know him as the pride of uk the king of internet 👑 u deserve more than waht u got cuz u represent uk to the whole world u proof uk youtubers r thr best

  8. 4 - Akolkar Shreyas

    4 - Akolkar Shreyas14 days ago

    Bri ish 'people' pronouncing : killo killo

  9. debilek

    debilek15 days ago

    ta ma cecky sheeeeeeesh

  10. Aditya Anand

    Aditya Anand16 days ago

    Man this song is fire

  11. Romaneu

    Romaneu19 days ago

    JJ again trying to activate the windows

  12. ItsYeetingTime

    ItsYeetingTime19 days ago

    man this song is fucking fire

  13. khaled aldoraee

    khaled aldoraee19 days ago


  14. Alexandrew Nov Manzon

    Alexandrew Nov Manzon20 days ago

    jj stole the money to buy a windows activation key

  15. Phantom sixth man

    Phantom sixth man20 days ago

    Za warudo

  16. Notsosuper Sayan

    Notsosuper Sayan20 days ago

    New age was more cold then dissimulation


    JORDANS ARE BAD21 day ago

    Low views

  18. Nassim Agaddad

    Nassim Agaddad22 days ago

    Cool ksi

  19. golden sunsetplayz

    golden sunsetplayz22 days ago

    🐱‍👤straight hot fire fatneek

  20. JN Photography

    JN Photography22 days ago

    This is probably my fav KSI track ngl

  21. Amaan Sinha

    Amaan Sinha24 days ago

    He needs to make more songs like this 🔥

  22. Akshin Barathi

    Akshin Barathi28 days ago

    does she really know to type

  23. Seyohn YT

    Seyohn YT28 days ago

    what my parents see when I download USlikes on the tv

  24. carbane

    carbaneMonth ago

    i dont think people realize this song is actually full of references to villains from the flash from dc

  25. ultraprogamer progamer

    ultraprogamer progamerMonth ago

    its the turn for me for some reason 00:38

  26. Bartosz Jan Marcinik

    Bartosz Jan MarcinikMonth ago

    Eminem: I'm not a rapper I'm an adapter Ksi: nigga please

  27. Micah Minchow

    Micah MinchowMonth ago

    What's with the 13k dislikes

  28. Dani Brattelid

    Dani Brattelid29 days ago

    probably a collab between the twittertwats and the paulgang xD so it don't matter

  29. JosephTheSpaceman

    JosephTheSpacemanMonth ago

    0:09 what the hell was she typing lmao

  30. Harley Miller

    Harley Miller22 days ago

    It looks like she typed " Joseph the space man is a bitch"

  31. Akshin Barathi

    Akshin Barathi28 days ago

    fake typing here

  32. TOP 10 ANIME

    TOP 10 ANIMEMonth ago

    Best jai song no cap

  33. Talldado 449

    Talldado 449Month ago

    Aiyana rocking that Karen haircut

  34. Antoni Giannakos

    Antoni GiannakosMonth ago

    KSI always does the most work the others just say the same over and over

  35. Kaylee Alexander

    Kaylee AlexanderMonth ago


  36. Randomations

    RandomationsMonth ago

    *Recorded with bandicam*

  37. Fahrenheit man

    Fahrenheit manMonth ago

    "JJ, you went to private school a rapper..... a rapper?".

  38. Jamzy 33

    Jamzy 3328 days ago

    What does private school have to do with him being a rapper loool you lot always have a problem with KSI

  39. Kavyansh Gupta

    Kavyansh GuptaMonth ago

    He's literally a cyborg

  40. Alfie Moore

    Alfie MooreMonth ago

    Let's go

  41. Apex

    ApexMonth ago

    Nice to see beerus got a little feature

  42. Jamezz007

    Jamezz007Month ago

    that girl😍😍

  43. Goldity Roblox

    Goldity RobloxMonth ago

    JJ : can teleport Also JJ : can’t do among us maze task LOL

  44. Bayron Miller

    Bayron MillerMonth ago

    ay um u got the wrong money m8

  45. bruhmoment169 wall

    bruhmoment169 wallMonth ago

    Ksi trying to activate windows

  46. Mplayz

    MplayzMonth ago

    JJ doing big thing props

  47. Joshua Smith

    Joshua SmithMonth ago

    Melody is way to similar to King Kong 😂

  48. Hm

    HmMonth ago

    What my mom sees when I turn on the 5g on her phone

  49. Kyroodith

    KyroodithMonth ago

    You gotta make your videos so us 91B's can understand what's going on

  50. Noah Jacks

    Noah JacksMonth ago

    Why did I get this recommended again

  51. Pierre Pancotto

    Pierre PancottoMonth ago

    This is jj’s best song 17, march, 2021

  52. Ssprinkles

    SsprinklesMonth ago

    0:05 ah yes typing on keyboard

  53. BƏN BƏN

    BƏN BƏN2 days ago


  54. Cxltify

    CxltifyMonth ago

    I’m just coming back to this bc it’s a banger

  55. Meh

    MehMonth ago

    Why’ve i never heard this

  56. Noof Altaher

    Noof AltaherMonth ago

    What does he mean by saying taller than makkah??... Its aplace for Muslims to pray and its very disrespectful!!

  57. alivd6

    alivd6Month ago

    After the new vid here

  58. jesseboy05

    jesseboy05Month ago

    Ksi activating windows:

  59. GumballGilly

    GumballGillyMonth ago

    The bald dude got fuckin violated

  60. Trent

    TrentMonth ago

    this music video makes no sense lmao, who tf directed this shit?

  61. Lamharras Rayane

    Lamharras RayaneMonth ago

    Yo fam u gotta start making films

  62. Funko Goonie

    Funko GoonieMonth ago

    Only just heard this! Fire! Come here because KSI reacted to some kid dissin his new track 😅 and he kept mentioning Killa Killa

  63. Blakko Bucciarati

    Blakko BucciaratiMonth ago

    Mission: Teleport to Windows Main Centre and Steal Windows Activation Keys

  64. itsLite

    itsLiteMonth ago

    this is jjs best song

  65. Taoreta

    TaoretaMonth ago

    I like the CGI in this

  66. Kevin Eduardo Arcos Morales

    Kevin Eduardo Arcos MoralesMonth ago


  67. instinct ow

    instinct owMonth ago

    2:23 ZA WUARDO

  68. leaben cosme

    leaben cosmeMonth ago

    is it just em or like the name of this song like the same name as kill killa anime

  69. Chris Ludwig

    Chris LudwigMonth ago


  70. Lorenzo Romero

    Lorenzo RomeroMonth ago

    The girl is overpowered

  71. Lorenzo Romero

    Lorenzo RomeroMonth ago

    This shit fire

  72. Tumi Nthoba

    Tumi NthobaMonth ago

    ksi is sapose to makesongs likethis

  73. Latoya Muthoni

    Latoya MuthoniMonth ago

    This is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Anirudh Thakur

    Anirudh ThakurMonth ago

    Activate windows JJ.....

  75. — M0rph —

    — M0rph —Month ago

    Imagine when KSI did that Za warudo thing the battery died and they all just jumped him😂

  76. Boss Bear

    Boss BearMonth ago


  77. Lore

    LoreMonth ago

    patchy fatneek fireeeeeeeee

  78. mgabersek25

    mgabersek25Month ago

    1:20 walmart Calfreezy

  79. Cosmic Realities

    Cosmic RealitiesMonth ago

    those 13 k dislikes are from jake paul fans. KSI THE BEST

  80. Aiden Palacios

    Aiden PalaciosMonth ago

    me going to the restroom at 3:am the door: 0:23

  81. Luca_Rascal_

    Luca_Rascal_Month ago

    Killa killa two hello

  82. Naughty Bee

    Naughty BeeMonth ago

    ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ 💪 മലയാളി✌ ~ತಾಹಿರ್ ಮಂಜೇಶ್ವರ 🇮🇳 ~താഹിർ മഞ്ചേശ്വരം

  83. Abdullah Fiaz

    Abdullah FiazMonth ago

    She look like a chracter from cyberpunk

  84. oscar

    oscarMonth ago

    Does no one notice how incredibly childish this actually is. I like KSI, don't get me wrong, but doing a little mission impossible roleplay mixed with cheesy anime-type effects, whilst some half naked pair of bobs is doing some kind of overly dramatic failed limbo dance seems a little beneath this guy, don't you think. Yes, you like him, but look at it objectively... An adult doing this sh*t.

  85. Medsforyou

    MedsforyouMonth ago

    its a music video get over it

  86. Aiden Cole

    Aiden ColeMonth ago

    @oscar he's just having fun i don't know what the problem is.

  87. lucas emmanuel jose

    lucas emmanuel joseMonth ago

    @oscar Can you answer my question?

  88. oscar

    oscarMonth ago

    @KING LION those two don't follow logically and such an approach usually doesn't solve problems (not that this is a problem, but you catch my drift). For example: you don't like getting banned off social media platforms by social justice warriors because of your freedom to express criticism? That's no problem, you can just leave and create your own until we will also come for them and after that just come for you in general. "Just leave" is in general a bad long-term solution if you're dealing with childish trends and obsessed idiots given power. Not saying this about KSI. That's not the point. Example.


    KING LIONMonth ago

    Simple thing to follow: You don't like it? THEN LEAVE

  90. Trickster

    TricksterMonth ago

    7 months already?

  91. ꧁UnknownYT꧂

    ꧁UnknownYT꧂Month ago

    0:40 my epileptic brother was dancing on the floor it was so good

  92. Hm

    HmMonth ago

    Thats so funny... the dancing of course

  93. no-pool08

    no-pool082 months ago

    Za warudo!!

  94. trix

    trix2 months ago

    jj will spit bars 24/7

  95. Anthony Lujan

    Anthony Lujan2 months ago

    KSI is a skinner more successful Sean Kingston 😂

  96. Khal Rafster

    Khal Rafster2 months ago


  97. lia yulianti

    lia yulianti2 months ago


  98. Hayden Profit

    Hayden Profit2 months ago

    0:58 ahhaha wtf

  99. Yasir Saleheen

    Yasir Saleheen2 months ago

    One of my favourite ksi songs. No cap

  100. who who6970

    who who69702 months ago

    who was this girl i could not see her face

  101. theamazingcj27

    theamazingcj272 months ago

    Aiyana Lee. She's featured on the song.

  102. Duncan Harris

    Duncan Harris2 months ago

    This is a sick song 🚫🧢 but The bearus animated video is better🥵🥵

  103. Adam Santos

    Adam Santos2 months ago

    what my family sees when i was building my pc

  104. HotHot Boy

    HotHot Boy2 months ago

    This is Cyberpunk 2077 but better (obviously lol)

  105. F A I L U R E / LIFE

    F A I L U R E / LIFE2 months ago


  106. Firas Izzarif

    Firas Izzarif2 months ago


  107. Lol Smurf!

    Lol Smurf!2 months ago

    Millionaire ksi with no activated windows vs poor babatunde with his potato pc good gaming chair and his activated windows

  108. Random

    Random2 months ago

    I think in the music video he is saying he made $20,000,000 by robbing people 😂

  109. Seriously Real

    Seriously Real2 months ago

    The title reminded me of Kill La Kill

  110. Talha Mehboob

    Talha Mehboob2 months ago

    This is really good. Tbh KSI is the first youtube rapper that I actually enjoy his music.

  111. kay kay

    kay kay2 months ago

    Damn this goes hard. Beat is fire. Lyrics is dope. You smashed it bro like damnnnnn🥳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  112. Kobe Ary

    Kobe Ary2 months ago