KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Pink Panda Remix]

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Oh na na
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze

Bring that ting in a place where you’re needed
Big ting, make me wanna buss when I beat it
Me no even care if you’re fake or the real, I just wanna getta feel of the booty that your treating ohhhh
Why you wanna play the hard to get
My fourth letter getting bigger in the alphabet
My dumb figure moving silly when you come correct
But She on fleek Check
Booty check
Breath check
Money check
Later in the night, she a freak, check
Winning everyting that I’m throwing
Got a Cuban for the neck gold glowing
Really only want a bad ting
Make me wanna do mad ting
See me when I’m on my don king
And I kill it with the Millies so I get another ring...

Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la
Run up on man and
Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…
Tweet tweet
And a likkle snap snap
Preeing up her insta
All I do is tap tap
I ain’t into talking
But she make me chat chat
Ima do anything
Just so they can have that
See me I do it better
She flexin in my sweater
People I can’t trust em like the weather
Face Riri got a body like she mena
Money on her b day
I don’t do no letter
Love to spend grands
Got one young G
All he know is bang
Uptown function but I’m with gang
How these broke youtes gassing up gram
Made no paper actin on cam
Love a real deal not a lie
I said let’s have a dinner date in Dubai
Girl buss it down
look hot like July
Got girls at the table me KSI

Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la
Run up on man and
Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…

Oh na na
Oh la la

Oh na na
Oh la la
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  1. SnowStorm

    SnowStorm6 days ago

    Why the fuck is nobody listening to this???

  2. Athanasy

    Athanasy8 days ago


  3. Vlog with Niyah

    Vlog with Niyah17 days ago

    This song don’t make no sense like what is he saying just speaking the truth

  4. SR Zetix

    SR ZetixMonth ago

    Bro how did this only get 1M views

  5. Classy Muffin

    Classy MuffinMonth ago

    Sounds like the kind of music my uber driver would put on.

  6. ꧁ʜᴀᴘᴘʏʙᴏʏsɢᴏ ʏᴛ꧂

    ꧁ʜᴀᴘᴘʏʙᴏʏsɢᴏ ʏᴛ꧂Month ago

    This should be on the party royale radio on fortnite when u get in a vehicle

  7. Chucklesome

    ChucklesomeMonth ago


  8. aktroll

    aktrollMonth ago


  9. Fraser142

    Fraser1422 months ago

    fucking bouncing my G had a good drink and bounce about my flat keep that shit working

  10. Ixmael Reyes

    Ixmael Reyes3 months ago

    Tion sounds better in this

  11. Harry Pay

    Harry Pay3 months ago

    Bruh it’s not even a remix it’s just Houdini on steroids. Love it tho 😂

  12. The Winstonbro 1

    The Winstonbro 14 months ago

    This is lit 🔥

  13. Dakshitha Desilva

    Dakshitha Desilva4 months ago

    fashion shop music next level 😂😂😂😂

  14. Badis Azouni

    Badis Azouni4 months ago

    this aint for me but ig for some peaple this could be great

  15. Matthew Booty

    Matthew Booty4 months ago


  16. rępyxęl

    rępyxęl4 months ago


  17. Racket Tattoo

    Racket Tattoo5 months ago

    Thank you, i always wanted to hear garbage.

  18. Athanasy

    Athanasy8 days ago

    This slaps youre deaf fam

  19. Abdullah Enes Sarıkoç

    Abdullah Enes Sarıkoç3 months ago

    Go on do something better if you dont like it fam

  20. Fireurchin Productions

    Fireurchin Productions6 months ago

    Ride so fast you'd think that I'm houdini

  21. ZeefanPlayz

    ZeefanPlayz6 months ago

    its 4:00 AM im lisenin to this

  22. Mini Martini

    Mini Martini6 months ago

    The remixed beat and hook are good the rest not so much

  23. Random Account

    Random Account6 months ago

    Trash remix

  24. SnowStorm

    SnowStorm6 days ago


  25. Jordylaird

    Jordylaird3 months ago


  26. Kermit TMF / SKINNY PENGUS

    Kermit TMF / SKINNY PENGUS6 months ago

    i think this remix hella fire way better than original imo

  27. Christian Campbell

    Christian Campbell7 months ago

    This is good

  28. yf

    yf7 months ago

    1K subs before 2021 sorry if I annoyed you lol

  29. Jonah Lucas

    Jonah Lucas7 months ago

    Low key ksi is not that good at rap

  30. HJ Playz

    HJ Playz7 months ago

    For me the flow of the song dosent suit this song

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  33. Fighter Lm

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  34. Royal Pork

    Royal Pork8 months ago

    Let’s be honest ksi is a great musician, but this ain’t it chief

  35. Pega Plays

    Pega Plays8 months ago

    Makes the original one better

  36. Pega Plays

    Pega Plays8 months ago

    The song is too fast

  37. N333meziiiz

    N333meziiiz8 months ago

    Turn it 1,25x is better than this Remix Lmao

  38. vvjokinen

    vvjokinen8 months ago

    This is really good

  39. Lenny Arroliga

    Lenny Arroliga8 months ago

    this is a terrible remix

  40. Felicity Tatum

    Felicity Tatum8 months ago

    No one likes this while I love it because I got raised to songs like this

  41. Glizzy Man

    Glizzy Man9 months ago

    Babatundi:ooo na na she don’t wanna steal my watoh ooooo la la I will kill a cheater Ksi:gets jealous bc of how great his music is

  42. The Afghan Abdi

    The Afghan Abdi9 months ago

    This remix hits different with 2x speed I would probably say it’s better than the original

  43. مریم حسین پور

    مریم حسین پور9 months ago


  44. LxJxGxS

    LxJxGxS9 months ago

    What the hell this is sooo under rated

  45. Stone XDVR

    Stone XDVR9 months ago

    Remix >>>>original

  46. str8chxwdz

    str8chxwdz9 months ago

    driving back home at night be like

  47. Nick_YT

    Nick_YT9 months ago

    I like this bro my dude rocking on theses musics

  48. HaarisMB7

    HaarisMB79 months ago

    This is the type of song I’d hear in a clothes shop (in the uk)


    HOTSAUCEMAN9 months ago

    This straight ass

  50. Bilaal Hariff

    Bilaal Hariff9 months ago

    da song was sik but dis is 😂😂😂😂😂

  51. _Unofficial27

    _Unofficial279 months ago

    play this at 1.05 speed

  52. Ryder

    Ryder9 months ago

    Who makes better music. Like: A lawnmower. Comment: Ksi


    DIECAST REVIEWS9 months ago

    Driving down the highway at night blasting this full up 😂😁

  54. PSYC_Ghost

    PSYC_Ghost9 months ago

    Houdini is his best ❤️🔥

  55. manuel_0485

    manuel_04859 months ago

    Sick remix

  56. _Unofficial27

    _Unofficial279 months ago

    This remix bangs

  57. Shivam Sehra

    Shivam Sehra9 months ago

    Jake is mean bro

  58. Odium

    Odium9 months ago

    This song makes my ass jiggle

  59. Sainivas Yellapragada

    Sainivas Yellapragada8 months ago


  60. WLORD

    WLORD9 months ago

    Fun fact: Babatunde made this beat

  61. TerminatorGun

    TerminatorGun9 months ago


  62. TDJ Films

    TDJ Films9 months ago

    I'm sorry but this is the best remix for a ksi song

  63. 2500 subscribers without any video challenge

    2500 subscribers without any video challenge9 months ago

    This is tough.. Is jp's everyday bro music better.. Or is ricegums music better?

  64. Elizabeth Polson

    Elizabeth Polson9 months ago

    why didnt trippie have a verse? ksi just commited sooo much disrespect to trippie

  65. Jamie Ireland

    Jamie Ireland9 months ago

    You are rubbish

  66. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago


  67. Jamie Ireland

    Jamie Ireland9 months ago

    Logan Paul is better then you

  68. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago


  69. Gaming10Walkthroughs

    Gaming10Walkthroughs9 months ago


  70. Jamie Ireland

    Jamie Ireland9 months ago

    You are a wannabe snoop dog

  71. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago


  72. Jamie Ireland

    Jamie Ireland9 months ago

    You suck

  73. Speechless

    Speechless7 months ago


  74. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago


  75. çřïs

    çřïs9 months ago

    This so trash

  76. GamingOctogon

    GamingOctogon9 months ago

    What i expect at my birthday party 0:46 What I actually get - Macerana

  77. Home Lo

    Home Lo9 months ago

    Heard this on the radio

  78. zsantos

    zsantos9 months ago

    this remix sucks lol

  79. Aspect

    Aspect9 months ago

    Who’s here after killa killa

  80. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago

    everyone that doesnt make sense

  81. Maryem Junaid

    Maryem Junaid9 months ago

    Like shawn mendes Comment ksi

  82. zLove_F1r3x

    zLove_F1r3x9 months ago


  83. hanniyah minaj

    hanniyah minaj9 months ago


  84. ROCHEY

    ROCHEY9 months ago

    this is an awful remix it is the most bland thing ever provokes no emotion its just nothing

  85. Ryder

    Ryder9 months ago

    Gamingscape Then you have a horrible taste in music my friend.

  86. GamingOctogon

    GamingOctogon9 months ago

    This bangs in my opinion

  87. damani deere

    damani deere9 months ago


  88. john

    john9 months ago

    It's a basically the same but sped up

  89. Leena Mulloo

    Leena Mulloo9 months ago

    Alright ksi nathan dawe next

  90. Rutabaga Lol

    Rutabaga Lol9 months ago

    The animation of the red hair KSI: 😕 Vs Him in real life: 🤮

  91. Just Peter

    Just Peter9 months ago

    Are you high?

  92. Rutabaga Lol

    Rutabaga Lol9 months ago

    And also in my opinion I think KSI is a London wanna be, plus I think he is faking his English accent

  93. Daimon

    Daimon9 months ago

    Esta mierda es una fogata muy fuerte

  94. Zyex

    Zyex9 months ago

    Bro this songs dodo😂

  95. carbohydrate child

    carbohydrate child9 months ago

    i don't love this remix

  96. Team Nycro

    Team Nycro9 months ago

    For the people that actually care about seeing opinions about the fucking song I give a solid 9/10 for remix

  97. R .D

    R .D9 months ago

    I think JJ needs to learn that he doesn’t have to make remix’s for all his songs...

  98. Sync Boar

    Sync Boar9 months ago

    This is dead tbh

  99. The Dumpster Men

    The Dumpster Men9 months ago

    Logan is at 22 mill

  100. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago


  101. Max R

    Max R9 months ago

    It’s mad how this doesn’t have that much love, get this on night drive or a club instant bop

  102. manuel_0485

    manuel_0485Month ago

    @Oscar Earls Most clubs in the UK atleast always have house and electro blasting, which ones have you gone to?

  103. Oscar Earls

    Oscar EarlsMonth ago

    @manuel_0485 clearly you’ve been to shitty nightclubs, this remix is definitely not a night club tune, the original fits in better with current music trends.

  104. manuel_0485

    manuel_0485Month ago

    @Oscar Earls All you hear in a club is house, what are you on?

  105. Edward Harrison

    Edward Harrison3 months ago

    @Oscar Earls agreed

  106. Oscar Earls

    Oscar Earls3 months ago

    You ever been clubbing lad, this remix is shit ahahah

  107. Dominic Caldwell

    Dominic Caldwell9 months ago

    You a loser Jake is the best

  108. Supreme Hoodie

    Supreme Hoodie9 months ago

    This is the worst song ever uploaded on the internet

  109. Ethan Richardson

    Ethan Richardson9 months ago

    No one Capital version of songs at night:

  110. Brandman445

    Brandman4459 months ago

    I’m not really felling the beat tbh the beat need to be blasting and more bass drops u know what just cut the whole beat fam

  111. Pijin

    Pijin9 months ago

    i think its meant to be for clubbing not for sitting down and listening to but ur opinion is ur opinion

  112. Glenn Aka

    Glenn Aka9 months ago

    It sounds like a song u hear in JD😂

  113. FuhQ

    FuhQ9 months ago

    This remix is trash

  114. Jr

    Jr9 months ago

    Wtaf is this man 🤮🤣

  115. IAMOnlyREDHOOD 06

    IAMOnlyREDHOOD 069 months ago

    Would you rather live in a tiny white room that you can’t escape only allowed to eat bread and water for the rest of your life or listen to this music

  116. GamingOctogon

    GamingOctogon9 months ago

    @RageLord lol, I'm agreeing

  117. RageLord

    RageLord9 months ago

    Would you rather get a life and stop posting worthless comment or be a loser and a jake Paul subscriber go in the forest and records some body’s loser

  118. Red Mini Crewmate

    Red Mini Crewmate9 months ago

    1st listen: this is fine 2nd listen: This is catchy- 3rd listen: I'm starting to like this 4th listen: **jamming** I CAN LISTEN TO THIS ALL DAY Update: 5th listen: aight just kidding I listened to this more than a million times already lol

  119. GamingOctogon

    GamingOctogon9 months ago

    5th listen - 🔊🎵🎵🎵loud speakers

  120. M3M3G0D420

    M3M3G0D4209 months ago



    WORLD SPORTS TV9 months ago

    You're the man... K I N G

  122. George Mayfield

    George Mayfield9 months ago

    It’s shit

  123. D4CF.V

    D4CF.V9 months ago

    *PERSONAL OPINION* : I dont like it...

  124. double o

    double o9 months ago


  125. N333meziiiz

    N333meziiiz9 months ago

    Ricegum is now MaD 😂. I GOT YOU 🤘

  126. ThatYoungRid3r

    ThatYoungRid3r9 months ago

    Why this go so hard💪

  127. ACO

    ACO9 months ago

    What do you call this genre

  128. GamingOctogon

    GamingOctogon9 months ago

    Hip hop