KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD) (Acoustic) [Official Video]

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Stream KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) - ksi.lnk.to/Patience!ID!AOV
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  1. RandomOfficial

    RandomOfficialHour ago

    The Acoustic Is better than the Original in my opinion

  2. motivational speech

    motivational speechHour ago

    MO is a legend

  3. Kelly Kemp

    Kelly Kemp12 hours ago

    Love yungblud so fucking much. His a king!

  4. Selena Handwerker

    Selena Handwerker12 hours ago

    This song hits different

  5. Nano Julian p

    Nano Julian p12 hours ago


  6. Joco

    Joco15 hours ago

    KSI joined the crips

  7. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    Ksi's send verse is good in the original version.

  8. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    This acoustic version is so good ... been listening to it for a week now .... Nice JJ

  9. Freedom atelier

    Freedom atelier17 hours ago

    Best ksi song

  10. top fan gamming

    top fan gamming21 hour ago

    Ksi if uoy sae you are beater then logen plau then get your game up becose how is vsing mawether

  11. Zachary Cramer

    Zachary Cramer22 hours ago

    Ksi is going to get the liven s*** out of him by hitting tommy init. Fuck you ksi and you are a peace of shit for all of the other youtubers.

  12. Abdullah Saleem

    Abdullah SaleemHour ago

    Yh because he got punched in the face and thought “Hey let me show that clip to the world instead of editing it out like a normal person” You stupid kid

  13. Jamzy 33

    Jamzy 336 hours ago

    Not real you 5 year old it’s fake

  14. hazza123live

    hazza123liveDay ago

    Rip the hazzard light relay there slaking in some shots

  15. M I T S A R U 》《G A S A I

    M I T S A R U 》《G A S A IDay ago




    Bernyanyiij bernyanyii bernyanyiii bernyanyiii....

  17. Delic_ Danteツ

    Delic_ DanteツDay ago

    next song: ‘burning’ with ksi and Jason Derulo????

  18. Lawless Spyd3r

    Lawless Spyd3rDay ago

    he getting better for real

  19. OTG J

    OTG JDay ago


  20. Vatsal Dubey

    Vatsal Dubey2 days ago

    The live chat should be disabled. Tf are people spamming NDL instead of listening to the music 🤷🏻

  21. Spaniard SRK

    Spaniard SRK2 days ago

    this is mad fruity, next

  22. Chisomedia Portfolio

    Chisomedia Portfolio2 days ago

    Wow this version lit

  23. Qheety

    Qheety2 days ago

    Happy birthday to your mom JJ

  24. Austin Hewitt

    Austin Hewitt2 days ago


  25. Karen AnimeF

    Karen AnimeF2 days ago

    This slaps

  26. jaime_elgamerYT

    jaime_elgamerYT3 days ago


  27. Jedrick Baldevas

    Jedrick Baldevas3 days ago

    I thought JJ only sings rap music

  28. Enchanted Toes

    Enchanted Toes3 days ago

    This guy is quite good, maybe he should start a youtube channel where he looks at reddit and funny videos that his editor sends him.

  29. SddKnight

    SddKnightDay ago

    Hmm maybe he should but doesn’t someone called uhh what’s his name..oh yeah fatneek already does that so I guess this guy needs to be more original

  30. RelaxingGameplay 67

    RelaxingGameplay 673 days ago

    This version is better lol, when they start singing together its so wholesome x

  31. Jinxmoe

    Jinxmoe3 days ago

    Lets see how much subs i can make from this comment : currently i have 458


    DANIL GAMING3 days ago

    Wow kren

  33. Kathryn Foster

    Kathryn Foster3 days ago

    still needs autotune aha

  34. Eking Gwapo

    Eking Gwapo3 days ago

    ? Lmao on the singing part is not lol 😂

  35. Bassist 224

    Bassist 2243 days ago

    I seriously didn’t know JJ could sing like that, jeeze.

  36. XxchuglifexX

    XxchuglifexX4 days ago

    this is better than the original version for ksi's verse

  37. Skye Rutterford

    Skye Rutterford4 days ago

    Love it

  38. Jkloner

    Jkloner4 days ago

    Voice of a angel🥺

  39. Karl Wood

    Karl Wood4 days ago

    This song helped me out of my own head

  40. Louise Hodsden

    Louise Hodsden4 days ago


  41. Abdullah Saleem

    Abdullah SaleemHour ago

    These fans are literally baiting us at this point And we just buying 😂😂

  42. Louise Hodsden

    Louise Hodsden3 days ago

    I know it wasn't real I just wanted to se how many people said that

  43. pure slyce

    pure slyce3 days ago

    R u dumb it was a skit they were acting it wasn't real

  44. TTV keago2

    TTV keago24 days ago

    Now we just need 3 more versions

  45. Reecey Rascal

    Reecey Rascal4 days ago

    Yungblud is sick in this

  46. GameTV Ibrahim

    GameTV Ibrahim4 days ago

    Believe or not, JJ Olatunji Reacting/Reddit vids has more views Like, Get lost KSI😂😂

  47. pure slyce

    pure slyce3 days ago

    I hope ur joking

  48. Mr Andrewz

    Mr Andrewz4 days ago

    I know you may not notice this but this version is incredible an I can't wait for the album! Btw once the tour is finished you need to dig Jake Paul an early grave brudda

  49. mmitcch

    mmitcch5 days ago

    KSI -> Down the Rabbit hole festival in the Netherlands

  50. saba kashif

    saba kashif5 days ago

    JJ has improved an his singing

  51. TheMageOfWarth

    TheMageOfWarth5 days ago

    cool him a doctor because, this man needs pashaaahhhnts

  52. TheMageOfWarth

    TheMageOfWarth5 days ago

    mum i shrunk the nazi

  53. ArshEpicGamer

    ArshEpicGamer5 days ago

    Person in car: 👁 👁 👄

  54. NOVA Pulze

    NOVA Pulze5 days ago

    Watch his new album have an acoustic version for every song

  55. Lewis Bennett

    Lewis Bennett5 days ago

    I am speechless!!

  56. Aakash FF

    Aakash FF5 days ago

    5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

  57. Aakash FF

    Aakash FF5 days ago

    5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

  58. Aakash FF

    Aakash FF5 days ago

    5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

  59. Aakash FF

    Aakash FF5 days ago

    5 hogya 10 karava do 😘😘😘

  60. 千几丂シ

    千几丂シ5 days ago

    am i the only one how liketh old KSI?

  61. G.C 9

    G.C 95 days ago

    The old KSI will never be topped

  62. GameForOne

    GameForOne5 days ago

    0:24 KSI'S verse has to be one of the best we've seen in a song since it's just so smooth.

  63. Gufemo

    Gufemo2 days ago


  64. ashton TGB

    ashton TGB3 days ago


  65. TranceMission

    TranceMission5 days ago

    Spanish guitar on the rocks

  66. Isreal Jaco (Student)

    Isreal Jaco (Student)5 days ago

    god: how big do you want your forehead KSI: YES!!!

  67. xRedHawk

    xRedHawk5 days ago

    Wtf ksi is so good singing? Hands down Thats awesome Niceee


    HERSHEEY5 days ago


  69. NotT1tan

    NotT1tan5 days ago

    Yungblud’s autotune 😥

  70. skiller _

    skiller _5 days ago

    move the mic plz my drum is gonna blast

  71. Impish the fish

    Impish the fish6 days ago

    Nice song

  72. D Mars

    D Mars6 days ago

    Jesus loves you! ❤️

  73. ?

    ?6 days ago

    Sorry KSI Jake Paul won KSI vs Jake Paul the won is usa Jake Paul

  74. ReandY

    ReandY5 days ago

    @? No

  75. ?

    ?6 days ago

    @ReandY yes

  76. ReandY

    ReandY6 days ago


  77. xXLoNeWoLfXx

    xXLoNeWoLfXx6 days ago

    Knowledge....I love u man

  78. Mr beast Vlogs

    Mr beast Vlogs6 days ago



    GCK FRXSTY6 days ago

    Wheres polo G

  80. Dr Souc Music

    Dr Souc Music6 days ago


  81. Ben Frohloff

    Ben Frohloff6 days ago

    that guy at the start is mad ugly

  82. Grakulm

    Grakulm5 days ago


  83. Matthew Green

    Matthew Green6 days ago

    2 more sub's to beat Logan paul

  84. G.C 9

    G.C 95 days ago

    Idiot u mean 200,000

  85. Leah Vlogs

    Leah Vlogs6 days ago

    Yungblud i got your tesut

  86. Guido Polese

    Guido Polese7 days ago

    You Both guys are amazing... I'm so glad that u got to collab with Yungblud. I heard him a few years ago and i was really impressed, this guy is so unique and brings something different to the table, and it's so important in this world! 🔥

  87. Ja Lodge

    Ja Lodge7 days ago


  88. Benjbob

    Benjbob7 days ago

    This ones better

  89. Max Ambrosino

    Max Ambrosino7 days ago

    I needed a little bit of paicence for this song

  90. Mooses Videos

    Mooses Videos7 days ago

    Acoustics is always better

  91. Cat With A Gun

    Cat With A Gun7 days ago

    This guy isn't even just a USlikesr. What a talented guy seriously.

  92. Martin Vach

    Martin Vach7 days ago

    paul can go to shit

  93. Sail

    Sail7 days ago


  94. Kill CXnf!rmed

    Kill CXnf!rmed7 days ago

    JJ you never fail to impress me. Yungblud first off is hitting some awfully difficult notes. Me being able to sing as well I find it hard to hit these notes too. Along with that, JJ’s rapping seems to get better and better every song. The slight distortion on his vocals during his rapping was a phenomenal touch as well so well done to the producers. Gives a grittier feeling to such a lushed out song and turns out to be a well made imperfect balance. JJ’s singing is also surprisingly good! I can barely hear any autotune. I can just hear a SMALL bit just to emphasize on the notes a bit more. But majority of their singing is pure from what I hear. There seems to be more autotune on JJ though than on yungblud, especially during his rap verse. Which is understandable, the mans not a singer haha. But for a rapper he’s very good. JJ’s vocal ranging and controlling is very good as well. Very fluid and sliding which is perfect for a synthwave or synthwave based track. WELL DONE YOU TWO!!!

  95. NoobPlayer

    NoobPlayer7 days ago

    It's better than original lol

  96. Wolfish ذئبي

    Wolfish ذئبي7 days ago

    Yeah it is👌😺

  97. seb lol

    seb lol7 days ago

    1:32 yungblud’s adlib hits diff for some reason

  98. Purple hd 2

    Purple hd 28 days ago


  99. abdullah subhaank2006

    abdullah subhaank20068 days ago

    according to me the acoustic is better than than the og

  100. Evraham Shaban

    Evraham Shaban8 days ago


  101. Wolfish ذئبي

    Wolfish ذئبي7 days ago


  102. Tomtjuh

    Tomtjuh7 days ago

    🇸 🇭 🇺 🇹  🇺 🇵  🇸 🇹 🇺 🇵 🇮 🇩  🇭 🇦 🇹 🇪 🇷

  103. Latifah Zahra

    Latifah Zahra8 days ago

    Remmembre when toommylinnit just come to ur hause and he want to borrow ur knives 🔪

  104. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha8 days ago

    JJ do whit toby tbjzl

  105. Aimann sentry koko

    Aimann sentry koko8 days ago


  106. Wolfish ذئبي

    Wolfish ذئبي7 days ago

    @Aimann sentry koko 😸👌

  107. Aimann sentry koko

    Aimann sentry koko8 days ago


  108. Gavin Johnson

    Gavin Johnson8 days ago

    I like the song but what yungblud does to his lips in the music video pisses me off every time. Looks lika a whole emo Logan Paul knockoff that sings 🤦‍♂️

  109. Mr. Mystical

    Mr. Mystical8 days ago

    Can I just say, I miss the old ksi. The one that would play horror games with his younger brother. It absolutely kills me to see that he just looks at Reddit and does music now. I mean good for him, but I just miss it :c

  110. Jamzy 33

    Jamzy 332 days ago

    The stuff he did back then tho was fun and ridiculous at the same time cancel culture would’ve been on his case and brand image would be ruined so he changed for the better

  111. CFC_NYG DHP

    CFC_NYG DHP7 days ago

    tbf with JJ, even if he'd want to bring back Old ksi and do the stuff he did back in the day, he would have haters and cancel culture ready to want to try and cancel, right now those cancel culture ppl, try and cancel JJ of his videos back in 2012 etc, also the stuff he did back then was fuckin hilarious but this time he would get in so much trouble if he recreated some of his things.


    SHUBHAM PATIL8 days ago

    People and priorities change with time bro. What can we do ? Enjoy it while it lasted.

  113. ConRad Jones

    ConRad Jones8 days ago

    Red haired guy can't sing without autotune but KSI had an amazing verse

  114. Phoenix Phoenix

    Phoenix Phoenix9 days ago

    YOUR BAD USlikesR

  115. Phoenix Phoenix

    Phoenix Phoenix9 days ago


  116. Derick South

    Derick South9 days ago

    ksi what the hell was this song the fuck a ant can take your ass out

  117. Wolfish ذئبي

    Wolfish ذئبي7 days ago

    Shut up it's a good song Ilike it im listing to the song every morning

  118. Derick South

    Derick South9 days ago

    your music sucks

  119. tekkers squad

    tekkers squad9 days ago


  120. tekkers squad

    tekkers squad9 days ago


  121. Meep Henry

    Meep Henry9 days ago

    Please make a song with 50 cent

  122. Zach Nicholl

    Zach Nicholl9 days ago


  123. kali.

    kali.9 days ago

    Please make more gaming videos

  124. Lucy H

    Lucy H9 days ago

    1:37 though

  125. GamingAndTechWithAadi

    GamingAndTechWithAadi9 days ago

    oy upunched wilbur

  126. Sinkin

    Sinkin9 days ago

    Yungblud is just vibing on the jeep