KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Video]

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Little bit little bit
I Need a little bit of patience
Coz we be going through changes

Polo G
Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
Felt all alone on those stages.
Wanna get my passion up,
It’s over, pack it up
Don’t walk away from me.
When the night falls, make the right call.
Or she’ll be gone forever.

I need a little bit of patience\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Need a little space to slow the brain
I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
Feels like i’m gonna break

I need a little bit of patience\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
No returnin,

I need a little bit of patience\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

I need a little bit of patience\
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com
Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe
Co-Directed By Nayip Ramos - nayipramos?hl=en
RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/
BMG - www.bmg.com/us/


  1. Sambo jo

    Sambo jo12 minutes ago

    Red head has definitely gone through the changes 😉🤣

  2. Davidathm Grosminet

    Davidathm Grosminet17 minutes ago

    pefect to listen while playing "the longing" while diging or cuting cristals with pikaxe ( takes so many pâtience to do it )

  3. Brennan McFaul

    Brennan McFaulHour ago

    what tf is this shit

  4. Elliot Cringe

    Elliot Cringe2 hours ago

    I love ksi

  5. April Showers

    April Showers2 hours ago

    Great song

  6. my boob is itchy

    my boob is itchy3 hours ago

    Hear me out.. A remix with The Weeknd.

  7. Pixel.

    Pixel.4 hours ago

    JJ: Post a song with Polo g Me seeing polos verse is 20 seconds: ..

  8. Stuntas

    Stuntas4 hours ago

    19 m for JJ ? i alone listened like a million times , it even plays on Lithuanian radio :D

  9. Monty Iverious

    Monty Iverious5 hours ago

    I was at work at taco bell and the store speakers started playing this song!!

  10. shi. pel

    shi. pel6 hours ago


  11. Navya Tayal

    Navya Tayal6 hours ago

    May god give them a lil bit of patieonce

  12. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy6 hours ago

    That song is my favorite it’s just sooo good

  13. Muhsin Aden Mohamed

    Muhsin Aden Mohamed7 hours ago

    Bro yungblud ruined the vidieo

  14. Invictus

    Invictus7 hours ago

    polo g got his racks and dipped

  15. Not-Ac1xd

    Not-Ac1xd8 hours ago

    Polo g carried ion gone cap ksi used that auto tune hard af

  16. MoreKathool

    MoreKathool10 hours ago

    I love how they somehow got Polo G in the video even though he isn't in the United Kingdom

  17. Lol Stealth Raider

    Lol Stealth Raider11 hours ago

    Polo g dipped after 20 seconds :(

  18. BenWeeksVEVO

    BenWeeksVEVO11 hours ago

    Polo G

  19. CookieDough505

    CookieDough50512 hours ago

    How are there any hate comments about KSI when with is not anything you can hate about

  20. Kanisati Balda

    Kanisati Balda13 hours ago

    baldski made it far

  21. Straydex

    Straydex14 hours ago

    Anyone got this song as a ad


    ALONDRA TSURUMI - ORTIZ15 hours ago

    who is here for yungblud?.. me yiiiii :3 wear your pink socks kids👍

  23. Lge4259

    Lge425917 hours ago

    This song needed to be 3 minutes longer tbh

  24. Tom Kaas

    Tom Kaas17 hours ago

    I cant set the link ksi did this emo shit

  25. TobiasIsBroken

    TobiasIsBroken18 hours ago

    This song would be good if we just cropped out KSI and YUNGBLUD

  26. CookieDough505

    CookieDough50512 hours ago

    If you don’t like it then why u here? You don’t need to hate on him

  27. Anton Haynie

    Anton Haynie18 hours ago

    Ksi really sounded American in this song

  28. Arbiter

    Arbiter19 hours ago

    Nein. Was soll das? PAHAHAHAHA

  29. Marcus Lawrence

    Marcus Lawrence19 hours ago

    Yungblud stole this from post malone circles let's be honest

  30. footylad 442

    footylad 44220 hours ago

    hilariously bad

  31. Viirus

    Viirus20 hours ago

    18k dislikes ? looks like some dudes who doesnt have a good music taste

  32. Noah camron

    Noah camron20 hours ago

    KSI needs so muck autotune

  33. Ahmed Samatar 07

    Ahmed Samatar 0720 hours ago

    Polo g needs a longer verse


    DANY EL BONITO20 hours ago

    Pinche grupo basura. A huevo te meten su pinche video de música asquerosa.

  35. topoftop

    topoftop21 hour ago

    Cmn🔥🔥 but Polo G's verse too short

  36. danyal cool 32

    danyal cool 3222 hours ago

    Ksi is getting better and better and so is polo g

  37. User didn’t provide name

    User didn’t provide name23 hours ago

    The editing on this video is *on point!*


    AMMAR KHARISMA23 hours ago

    Uuh anjay mntap jugak ee

  39. Ammi

    Ammi23 hours ago

    This song is decent without the music video

  40. Zenkou

    ZenkouDay ago

    bro didnt want to feel the pain in 1:22 but still sat while fire raged in forest next to a campfire

  41. BigFatOnion

    BigFatOnionDay ago

    the polo G part was fireee

  42. I a Person

    I a PersonDay ago

    This song is to good

  43. Benjamin Taylor

    Benjamin TaylorDay ago

    Yungblud weird af 🤣

  44. Deigen

    DeigenDay ago

    ksi part is the best part of the song!!

  45. Lewis Yates

    Lewis YatesDay ago

    Yungblud absolutely steals the bloody show! 😍👏👏 What a LEGEND!

  46. Lewis Yates

    Lewis YatesDay ago


  47. XDiazzX

    XDiazzXDay ago

    sickest track yet brother keep it up man

  48. Fazal kick off Khan

    Fazal kick off KhanDay ago

    Bruh shut up Ur vid sucks polo is better

  49. Klutch

    KlutchDay ago

    I hate that kid Yungblud he wants to be black so bad lmao he acts like he’s hard but is built like the girl from lorax

  50. Harvey C.

    Harvey C.Day ago

    ksi ft edp445 pls thx

  51. Krishna Patil

    Krishna PatilDay ago

    His patience gave him too much fame But my patience got me nothing

  52. Pascal

    PascalDay ago

    This song sounds so beautiful

  53. Satha

    SathaDay ago

    Am I the only one getting a 80s vibe from yungblud?

  54. Viirus

    Viirus21 hour ago

    nope 🤝

  55. Gramps

    GrampsDay ago

    This song was actually sick ngl.

  56. JohnACM

    JohnACMDay ago

    Rates and my reaction: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5 And its so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Catchy and cool KSI is getting better and awesome!

  57. Cameron Faas

    Cameron FaasDay ago

    polo prolly left cuz goth homie started getting weird

  58. What Wtf

    What WtfDay ago


  59. Jaxs

    JaxsDay ago

    Video trash music good

  60. YouTube Clips

    YouTube ClipsDay ago

    At first I didn't like this song but listening to it a lot and hearing it on the radio just made me like the song more

  61. AtlAndy04

    AtlAndy04Day ago

    Might as well been YUNGBLUD-patience(Ft.Ksi,Polo g)

  62. FBI

    FBIDay ago

    youngblud really didnt know what to do with house xd

  63. Oldboys Asmr

    Oldboys AsmrDay ago

    i like how we went from that to this

  64. Arshman Khawar

    Arshman KhawarDay ago

    Ayyy 19 mill. 20 million soon.


    PHANTOMDay ago

    Aight let's fulfill what Dom wanted 20 million soon..



    Low view count



    @abcde fghij of corse

  68. abcde fghij

    abcde fghijDay ago

    20 mil in a month is low?

  69. Milan Marck

    Milan MarckDay ago

    I just got a headache after polo g verse

  70. Noel Alvarez

    Noel AlvarezDay ago

    Best song...

  71. BSE JMB

    BSE JMBDay ago

    If Polo G had a longer verse it would’ve been better, plus he paid $150k for a 20 second verse. Like tf 🤷🏽‍♂️😒

  72. 2farmerry

    2farmerryDay ago

    POV: You are here again after watching JJ’s reddit video...

  73. Danny Diaz

    Danny DiazDay ago

    Remix post malone

  74. Spanktastic

    SpanktasticDay ago

    This song has grown on me, and i pretty much only listen to metal usually.

  75. xXnitroXx

    xXnitroXxDay ago


  76. Bradley Jones

    Bradley JonesDay ago

    His music:🥵❤️❤️‍🔥😉😉

  77. Sommerkind_ 89

    Sommerkind_ 89Day ago

    I adore this song. 1000 likes!🥂

  78. barcelona fc

    barcelona fcDay ago


  79. PartheNaan

    PartheNaanDay ago

    Unpopular opinion: this is one of KSI’s best songs 🔥

  80. Tuğba Yavuz

    Tuğba YavuzDay ago

    Hello link 🔥🇹🇷👇

  81. salah fox

    salah foxDay ago

    KSI with that annoying laugh aint nothing against this song's KSI😎🔥🔥🔥 I love your music KSI😍♥️

  82. Krisztina Gáspár

    Krisztina GáspárDay ago

    Yeah Plus emotional music is full of extra energy.

  83. Jimmy Espinoza

    Jimmy EspinozaDay ago

    Put this at 2x speed, and Polo G is the fastest rapper👍

  84. jensen

    jensenDay ago

    Remember when people were hating on this song for being "different"? Glad to see people giving this banger its credit now :)

  85. jensen

    jensenDay ago

    @Deep Indane I really appreciate how he's trying it different styles too. First with something more house like Lighter and now this which is more Synthwave. Same thing when I'm making music, try to experiment

  86. Deep Indane

    Deep IndaneDay ago

    Yea I didn't like it at first now I think it's a banger

  87. ayush dubey

    ayush dubeyDay ago

    bruh imma excited for no.2

  88. Mukando Chipego

    Mukando Chipego2 days ago

    Came for the forehead

  89. John Allen

    John Allen2 days ago

    I love this song so much. Makes my day better.

  90. Qwertyy

    Qwertyy2 days ago

    Poo g

  91. FinnAziz

    FinnAziz2 days ago

    ksi 2019: rapping Ksi: 2020 singing Ksi: 2021 opera

  92. pw2f

    pw2f2 days ago

    jujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujujuj on that beat

  93. Diana R

    Diana R2 days ago

    I really do hate how he use yungblud for clout

  94. vOID

    vOIDDay ago

    😐 not being funny Dom's fanbase already knew JJ, most of his fans are UK teenagers, same as JJ, but Dom's fanbase is alternative

  95. Olanrewaju Michael Olateju

    Olanrewaju Michael Olateju2 days ago


  96. Fixcom

    Fixcom2 days ago

    u smell

  97. Barbara Pozzoli

    Barbara Pozzoli2 days ago

    WTF IS this vidéoclip💩🕳️🤷🤪?! Liké psyco nightmare!

  98. WeeDefault

    WeeDefault2 days ago

    Should’ve put Ricegum on one of those graves

  99. Fas Francais

    Fas Francais2 days ago

    The song is cool but[Why is he smoking?

  100. Surya Sujeevan

    Surya Sujeevan2 days ago

    This is soooooo good keep it up man I love u

  101. Amman Das

    Amman Das2 days ago

    ngl, I've grown into this it's littt

  102. Kenor

    Kenor2 days ago

    YUNGBLUD ruined it

  103. vOID

    vOIDDay ago

    he glued the entire song together but ok

  104. Dan Perlman

    Dan Perlman2 days ago

    Love the beat. Love the message.

  105. NatureBoy

    NatureBoy2 days ago

    This is absolutely terrible. It’s filled to the brim with auto tune. Honestly if you like this song you clearly don’t know music or your a kid.

  106. how to skam foolish amrikans tutorial

    how to skam foolish amrikans tutorialDay ago

    @BƏN BƏN shush football is amazing

  107. BƏN BƏN

    BƏN BƏNDay ago

    @NatureBoy this kid trying to change the subject lol

  108. NatureBoy

    NatureBoyDay ago

    BƏN BƏN you’re quite the angry person aren’t you

  109. NatureBoy

    NatureBoyDay ago

    how to skam foolish amrikans tutorial start writing and don’t stop mate 😂

  110. BƏN BƏN

    BƏN BƏN2 days ago

    You clearly dont know music messi fan? Go back to football and record some fifa

  111. Schwarze Banane

    Schwarze Banane2 days ago

    Something gay

  112. Mr. Chad

    Mr. Chad2 days ago

    Can we all just appreciate that this is the lad who released Black Lamborghini 😂

  113. J Moderie

    J Moderie2 days ago

    Interesting twist 👌


    MINECRAFT SHORTS2 days ago

    Am waiting for KSI album to get the difference he is talking about

  115. Durga A Manoj

    Durga A Manoj2 days ago

    Ngl Dont Play is better than this