KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen...
Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
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  1. Lil Guzih

    Lil Guzih4 hours ago

    Offset !!!!!

  2. Orginal Mana

    Orginal Mana10 hours ago

    If u dont get jj sayin "cant be friends wit no cap" he means u dont wanna be friends wit liars

  3. Johnny Sins

    Johnny Sins14 hours ago

    Who’s here after it hit 12 million views

  4. Faamaoni Lalomilo

    Faamaoni Lalomilo18 hours ago


  5. Aaron 077

    Aaron 07722 hours ago

    Ngl Ksi got carried. Yes im gonna get a lot of hate

  6. Brandonj21 -gaming

    Brandonj21 -gaming2 days ago

    Favorite song

  7. Wrong Person

    Wrong Person23 hours ago

    It is decent

  8. Jondell Vazquez

    Jondell Vazquez2 days ago

    Offset carried the song no cap

  9. Wrong Person

    Wrong Person5 hours ago

    @Apollo Clawk ksi tried making a travis scott ripoff but it's just horrible. Offset came in clutch

  10. Apollo Clawk

    Apollo Clawk9 hours ago

    @Wrong Person he was slow for me,offset did carry

  11. Wrong Person

    Wrong Person23 hours ago

    He did. Ksi wasnt good in this song, but he was ok

  12. 草3

    草33 days ago

    Flames 🔥 no “cap”

  13. african kaleab

    african kaleab3 days ago

    Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year. Repent.

  14. Martim Rodrigues

    Martim Rodrigues4 days ago


  15. Aman Bassi

    Aman Bassi4 days ago

    this might be the most pathetic excuse for "music" I have ever heard in my life

  16. Vishal Farma

    Vishal Farma4 days ago

    Offset snapped so hard man

  17. P NAR.

    P NAR.4 days ago

    Went from little boy to this

  18. Legendozu

    Legendozu6 days ago

    They killed it Damn 🔥🔥

  19. CJ ON 120 FPS

    CJ ON 120 FPS6 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that's juice wrld at 1:24

  20. souk S.

    souk S.6 days ago


  21. Legendozu

    Legendozu7 days ago

    Yes jj Improving everytime Banger

  22. Legendozu

    Legendozu7 days ago

    Offset... Chill He killed it damn

  23. ZimZim ZZ

    ZimZim ZZ7 days ago

    Me: Plays this song really loud Neighbor: calls police Police: Arrests neighbor

  24. Broken

    Broken7 days ago

    other ppl having seizures:

  25. Rivals Unity

    Rivals Unity8 days ago


  26. alit1360 alit1360

    alit1360 alit13608 days ago

    boi this fire props to ksi

  27. Woof

    Woof8 days ago

    0:41 **bobs head aggressively**

  28. aditya d

    aditya d9 days ago

    Ksi wants to sound like travis

  29. そいちろやがみ

    そいちろやがみ9 days ago


  30. arnoldaudio

    arnoldaudio9 days ago

    1:24 Not me thinking it was Juice WRLD for a second..

  31. Killer 911

    Killer 9119 days ago

    0:41 is that bhad baby

  32. Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos9 days ago

    Growing on me

  33. Red

    Red9 days ago


  34. Do Nathan

    Do Nathan10 days ago

    I'm still vibing to this song a year later

  35. Anti social

    Anti social10 days ago

    this is highkey fire 🔥

  36. african kaleab

    african kaleab10 days ago

    Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

  37. Mom Rules Everything

    Mom Rules Everything12 days ago


  38. Infinite ZG

    Infinite ZG12 days ago

    One of my favorite songs

  39. Huncho Luhaam

    Huncho Luhaam13 days ago

    Best !

  40. ojb2008

    ojb200816 days ago

    "I got chuck-e cheese in the back"


    DNRS STUB16 days ago

    The autotune tho

  42. Denver Sherwood

    Denver Sherwood18 days ago

    this is an example of jj’s good music, his new music is shit

  43. Do Nathan

    Do Nathan9 days ago

    @Aditya Shahi facts, I fw KSI new songs, I just want him to do more rap styled shit, I also hope he don't waste his features as he did with Polo G. Man got 21 Savage, Future and Lil Durk on it. Lil Durk has done pretty diverse and questionable music before so I ain't too surprised

  44. Aditya Shahi

    Aditya Shahi9 days ago

    @Do Nathan bruh his new songs are pretty good as well 😂 just cause it ain't trap don't mean it's whack, amirite?

  45. Do Nathan

    Do Nathan10 days ago

    tf? Only a year and you hate his new shit 🤣

  46. Cgeryl Landers

    Cgeryl Landers18 days ago

    For a couple seconds offset be sounding like youngboy

  47. Zakarya Hussein-Ali

    Zakarya Hussein-Ali18 days ago


  48. DeViiCz

    DeViiCz18 days ago

    I feel it’s not acknowledged too much how goddamn fire offsets verse is. Easily one of my favorites

  49. Do Nathan

    Do Nathan10 days ago

    Offset slays these types of songs, KSI did his thing too. Catchy ass hook

  50. Jakob is me

    Jakob is me19 days ago

    My epileptic brother loved this so much he started dancing on the floor

  51. Micro Gambler

    Micro Gambler9 days ago

    Copied that

  52. Muawiyah Ahmad

    Muawiyah Ahmad19 days ago

    Offset went ☝️👈🏻👇👉🏻

  53. laka paka

    laka paka20 days ago

    JJ and the autotune


    XPECTER20 days ago

    1:31 ?? what's that on the left ?

  55. I'm Bored

    I'm Bored21 day ago

    JJ always improving🔥🔥🔥🔥


    JORDANS ARE BAD21 day ago

    Low views

  57. Luke

    Luke21 day ago


  58. UL Syn

    UL Syn21 day ago

    Overall a good song, could hold back on the autotune a bit

  59. Do Nathan

    Do Nathan10 days ago


  60. Menma Uchiha

    Menma Uchiha22 days ago


  61. Menma Uchiha

    Menma Uchiha22 days ago


  62. Menma Uchiha

    Menma Uchiha22 days ago


  63. Menma Uchiha

    Menma Uchiha22 days ago


  64. Menma Uchiha

    Menma Uchiha22 days ago


  65. Davin Braich

    Davin Braich23 days ago


  66. Logan Smith

    Logan Smith24 days ago


  67. David Akubardiya

    David Akubardiya25 days ago

    Definitely one of my favourites

  68. David Akubardiya

    David Akubardiya25 days ago

    This is a very nice song

  69. Mystery_ Current

    Mystery_ Current26 days ago


  70. LaFlare

    LaFlare26 days ago

    10 months ago already?

  71. mossy art

    mossy art26 days ago


  72. 2k Reportz

    2k Reportz27 days ago

    Who just remembered this song existed 😂😑

  73. FAD3 Husky

    FAD3 Husky27 days ago

    @josephweshking insta

  74. Theo Florinis

    Theo Florinis28 days ago

    At 1:31 you can see the upside down cross that ksi was talking about. Yinka would be pissed

  75. Ron Koshy

    Ron Koshy25 days ago

    I was looking for it and this comment too 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Az-Zubayr Medlock

    Az-Zubayr Medlock28 days ago

    Where is the seizure warning??

  77. Orion Joseph

    Orion Joseph29 days ago

    0:16 if you dont want to deafen your ears

  78. anas eltom

    anas eltom29 days ago

    Window cap window cap window cap window cap window cap

  79. Pooey Bottom

    Pooey Bottom29 days ago

    fucking hell

  80. Thando Manana

    Thando MananaMonth ago

    Im looking for the upside down cross😂

  81. Crymzon

    Crymzon27 days ago


  82. Brotund

    Brotund28 days ago

    It's still there

  83. DankCod

    DankCodMonth ago


  84. David Akubardiya

    David AkubardiyaMonth ago

    This was published 3 days after my bday

  85. Bruv BRUV

    Bruv BRUVMonth ago

    Was that JUCE wrld ?

  86. dobonavienne

    dobonavienneMonth ago

    can't stop listening to this - offset bodied that shit!!!!

  87. african kaleab

    african kaleabMonth ago

    Jesus is King

  88. Big KD

    Big KDMonth ago

    Window Cap Widow Cap We Din Cap We dont cap Which he saying

  89. KennitoGat

    KennitoGatMonth ago

    1:31 The upside down cross JJ was talking about.

  90. mos yankee

    mos yankeeMonth ago

    song's kinda dead tho no one's talkin bout it no more

  91. chip

    chipMonth ago

    so we going ignore the upside down cross

  92. Louvar

    LouvarMonth ago

    @chip yea

  93. chip

    chipMonth ago

    @Louvar was it when they was reacting to montero?

  94. Louvar

    LouvarMonth ago

    Yea I was watching Simdemen reacts video aswell and came to see

  95. Nolan Hill

    Nolan HillMonth ago

    This song wouldn't be the same without Offset

  96. Bloodyheaders

    BloodyheadersMonth ago

    Offset does not miss

  97. Larry Danso

    Larry DansoMonth ago

    Is this just good editing or did Offset fly all the way to the UK to film this Music Video?

  98. Larry Danso

    Larry DansoMonth ago

    @abcde fghij Oh

  99. abcde fghij

    abcde fghijMonth ago

    This was filmrd before the covid pandemic started (in LA)

  100. Levi Schaefgen

    Levi SchaefgenMonth ago

    For A USlikes rapper he's pretty good no cap

  101. Travis Egerter

    Travis EgerterMonth ago

    This is one of KSIs best verses IMO and he got a fucking amazing verse from offset

  102. im boogiiman

    im boogiimanMonth ago

    I like jj's verse more than the hook

  103. ToXc Brothers

    ToXc BrothersMonth ago

    did anyone else come from sdmn reacts, if so here you go 1:30

  104. ToXc Brothers

    ToXc BrothersMonth ago

    look at the background iykyk

  105. Zed Ahmed

    Zed AhmedMonth ago

    upside down cross 😳🤷‍♂️

  106. Dzaka Fadh

    Dzaka FadhMonth ago


  107. Yahya Riahi

    Yahya RiahiMonth ago

    his mum must be proud of him, nice song man!

  108. Cdev Official

    Cdev OfficialMonth ago

    Cheers for the fucking flash warning god damn

  109. SamoanGod58

    SamoanGod58Month ago

    1:23 JJ LIED he said he asked for the upside down cross to be covered

  110. Ngl I’m bad at making names my G

    Ngl I’m bad at making names my GMonth ago

    I don’t see it

  111. i make you terrified

    i make you terrifiedMonth ago

    Wow good eye

  112. Chantelle Kemp

    Chantelle KempMonth ago


  113. AugUuUuu

    AugUuUuuMonth ago

    ngl offset kinda carried but still a insanely good song

  114. Idontpeealot

    IdontpeealotMonth ago

    Who came here from the montero reaction video

  115. Ben

    BenMonth ago


  116. MJ

    MJMonth ago

    thank u hahahahahahha

  117. Бы 40

    Бы 40Month ago

    Did anyone notice the upside down cross

  118. apxllo

    apxlloMonth ago

    This beat is so hard wtf

  119. Blac wido

    Blac widoMonth ago

    I just watched the sidemen react to call me by your name by Lil Nas X. KSI said he asked the producers to censor the upside down cross from this music video, I can see it on the left side at 1:23 and 1:31 they never censored it 😅

  120. dennis?

    dennis?Month ago

    Oh yhhh well guess he really did cap

  121. TomHZ

    TomHZMonth ago

    here from sidemen reacts

  122. Afua Appiah

    Afua AppiahMonth ago

    This song will bang so much in the car

  123. 611 Imagine

    611 ImagineMonth ago

    I think 1:31 is the upside down cross

  124. angel Pg3d

    angel Pg3dMonth ago


  125. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイMonth ago

    I’m looking for the covered up upside down cross, could possibly be the cloth on the wall behind offset at around 1:28

  126. angel Pg3d

    angel Pg3dMonth ago