KSI - Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd) BTS

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Director: Nayip Ramos
Producer: Asher Brown
BTS Shot and edited by: @_o93c _o93c
Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com


Trippie Redd

Don’t wake up when it’s too late
They might think that you hate me
Ima get it in while you wait
Better late than never

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg


Funny innit (ha)
Now they wanting to get it (money)
Now they wanting to visit (Ay)
Cos they watching the Richard (Mille)
See me getting the cheddar (cheesy)
See me sprinkle the pepper (season)
Panoramic my view in leading and trending whatever,

Trippie Redd - Okay


Bill it (yeah)
Thurman how I go kill it (Bill)
Hire steak and get fillet (Beef)
X amount to exhibit
I’m winning in different avenues
Trippie my revenue
Don’t see me ever lose
I jump hurdles like kangaroos (damn)

Trippie Redd

Don’t wake up when it’s too late
They might think that you hate me
Ima get it in while you wait
Better late than never

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg


Picture perfect
Now that they know I’m worth it
Before they hated
Now they say I deserve it
Back the beef
Showing them how I bring it
At the beach
Sipping on something different

Swimming in money they said I’ll never earn
Kicked out of school, they said I’ll never learn
Now I learned to make it count
Multiplied the vision and making a high amount bitch

Trippie Redd

In a big body swervin’
No suburban
Bitch this is a Bently
Pussy do not tempt me
Cause the choppa get a buzzin’ have a nigga lookin’ like

Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, this the WAKE UP Call
Every other day I’m getting cake like Yooo!
Yeah, this the WAKE UP CALL.
Ain’t no walking out you better wake up dawg
Yeah, get your face bust off
Your bitch with me now tryin’ to get face fucked dawg


  1. Nate Harrington

    Nate Harrington17 hours ago

    We need a behind the scenes for a behind the scenes.

  2. anthony palomino

    anthony palomino22 days ago

    BTS means behind the scenes people either way who loves this song

  3. Bryan Guzman

    Bryan GuzmanMonth ago

    Tripped fake ass smh

  4. Bryan Guzman

    Bryan GuzmanMonth ago

    The FedoOo hey !

  5. The FedoOo

    The FedoOoMonth ago

    Hi doggo!!

  6. Bilal Hmd

    Bilal HmdMonth ago

    What is this ?

  7. naga padmini

    naga padmini3 months ago


  8. MasterKnight

    MasterKnight4 months ago

    Whats with the willy wonka thumbnail

  9. Rebeca Boss

    Rebeca Boss5 months ago

    Rip BTS fans

  10. FSC tiger

    FSC tiger6 months ago

    This was a mess up

  11. Kazie

    Kazie6 months ago

    It's behind the scenes

  12. Ashuram Tv

    Ashuram Tv6 months ago

    Who's here after they had beef?

  13. TheMaster22 Dude

    TheMaster22 Dude6 months ago


  14. MazeMiner

    MazeMiner7 months ago

    I actually like ksi and trippie as a duo it's sad that they had a little beef which probably wouldn't make them collab again

  15. The FedoOo

    The FedoOoMonth ago

    I agree, this song for me is the only one that i play to this day!!!

  16. Shirin Akter

    Shirin Akter7 months ago

    I am a BTS fan whenever i see anywhere it is written BTS i click it but i thought KSI featuring BTS. EPIC COLLAB

  17. CrispDaddy

    CrispDaddy7 months ago

    Bro, it's so fucking funny watching JJ just standing around all those girls twerking, lookin like a lost child LOL. Much love though

  18. Alf Playz

    Alf Playz7 months ago

    i hate to say this but i think the remix is better

  19. Exzo

    Exzo8 months ago

    whos here after ksi and trippie beef on ig

  20. DiscoKid_ L3500

    DiscoKid_ L35008 months ago

    thank god they aren’t actually having a bts feature

  21. Sean Collins

    Sean Collins9 months ago

    I thought when it said bts I thought it was the Korean band not behind the scenes

  22. str8chxwdz

    str8chxwdz9 months ago

    wtf is bts korean band!?

  23. cnugg

    cnugg10 months ago

    This songs fire

  24. Riley Jacklitch

    Riley Jacklitch10 months ago

    This is more like a ksi feature not a trippie red feature

  25. DreckkedUp

    DreckkedUp10 months ago

    Why trippie redd look like Barney?

  26. Ninjas Hyper

    Ninjas Hyper10 months ago

    Guy on the right 0:24 anybody else think that was David Dobrik lolll

  27. Xpci

    Xpci11 months ago

    Wheres trippie red i can only see ksi and a snake

  28. The FedoOo

    The FedoOoMonth ago


  29. ezaed

    ezaed11 months ago

    Tripped carried the whole song

  30. The Pond Owner

    The Pond Owner11 months ago

    Petition for jj to delete this song since trippie red is a bitch

  31. Ellis J07

    Ellis J0711 months ago

    Okay, no offence to JJ but he barely sings in this song like, its HIS song. Where is he?

  32. TireBack

    TireBack11 months ago

    Who came back after Trippie hiss hissed

  33. Wavy.Bants_UK

    Wavy.Bants_UK11 months ago

    Love how trippie backstabbed JJ for fucking jake Paul jokeman

  34. Floodz

    Floodz11 months ago

    Switchie Redd. He switched up on Tekashi, then switched up on X, then when X died he was acting like they were bestest of friends, NOW HE SWITCHED UP ON KSI

  35. ULomare

    ULomare11 months ago

    I actually like the suit

  36. Soulez

    Soulez11 months ago

    We’re you actually screaming and mad

  37. Kaan Unal

    Kaan Unal11 months ago

    I really tought it was featuring bts lmao i got scammed

  38. Killua

    Killua11 months ago

    hey that the wake up cum

  39. Muhammad Cader

    Muhammad CaderYear ago

    Ksi whyd u get pissed like dat man

  40. Blessed Jelly

    Blessed JellyYear ago

    Ksi only good song...

  41. MemeHeadPlays

    MemeHeadPlaysYear ago

    this is how jj would act

  42. Amzii

    AmziiYear ago

    Where is Trippie redd??🤨🤨🤔

  43. 3Things

    3ThingsYear ago

    This song did not do well

  44. Spudd

    SpuddYear ago

    This is the recorded date of JJ starting his early mid-life crisis

  45. DestroPlayz

    DestroPlayzYear ago

    3:01 Joyner Lucas is that you?

  46. DestroPlayz

    DestroPlayzYear ago

    3:01 Joyner Lucas is that you?

  47. Coca Cola

    Coca ColaYear ago

    (Ksi hairs to the years) 2016: normal bald hair 2017: black hair with a short curly hair 2018 to 2019:yellow hair and short curly hair 2020.....: with red kinda werid long hair.... (Men i miss his black hair) wow ksi hair has changes like...whoa whose with me like

  48. Matthew 7:8

    Matthew 7:8Year ago


  49. harry h

    harry hYear ago

    Go like my recent

  50. Drew Price

    Drew PriceYear ago

    Dang that’s fire

  51. razzy

    razzyYear ago

    When I saw BTS in the title I thought Kim Jong Un gang was gonna start rapping

  52. The_real_idoit

    The_real_idoitYear ago

    Wait what’s behind the scenes and what isn’t

  53. Miguel Vasquez

    Miguel VasquezYear ago

    So there recording the cameras 🎥 that aré supposed to be recording or the people that are recording the people are recording

  54. Seth Simpsom

    Seth SimpsomYear ago

    I thought omv was the bts

  55. ᅳᅳᅳ

    ᅳᅳᅳYear ago

    한국인들 좋아요 ㄱㄱ

  56. leon

    leonYear ago

    I can’t tell if KSI and trippie hate each other

  57. chasemro

    chasemroYear ago

    i’m confused did he actually not like the video or just act like he didn’t like the video for the video which he actually liked?

  58. Nico Ylarde

    Nico YlardeYear ago

    Ok what’s scripted and what’s real This is confusing

  59. Omega Beast

    Omega BeastYear ago

    Sub to soop groop

  60. Louay

    LouayYear ago

    Ksi is awesome

  61. Saint Hel

    Saint HelYear ago

    Dear KSI, I know you have a big brain (as its hidden behind your bandana) so I think you should use your Jimmy Newton esque knowledge to check out @dkrapartist as he spat fire on your track and deserves to win. Sincerely, SH

  62. Harbey 138

    Harbey 138Year ago

    I thought him not liking his outfit n shit was staged in the real music vid. I look at this and he wants to kill himself still

  63. Somebody New and different

    Somebody New and differentYear ago

    That's why logan and jake are way better than you ever thought of being

  64. Lennon And Macy

    Lennon And MacyYear ago

    Still no views huh?!

  65. Random ice lol LoL

    Random ice lol LoLYear ago

    Is the the 70s mumble wrapping

  66. Kuzizira

    KuziziraYear ago

    idk if to some of u this obvious but is KSI actually mad or scripting? if he is mad thats understandable

  67. Cheems

    CheemsYear ago

    I bet that bts fans would think the feature was bts

  68. Vortex

    VortexYear ago

    I was so confused that bts means "behind the scenes" and not the k-pop group

  69. 2k_Jay

    2k_JayYear ago

    I thought there was a BTS feature 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. Bahra Hadziabdic

    Bahra HadziabdicYear ago

    Koji đavo

  71. Devon Alldred

    Devon AlldredYear ago

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  72. idfk

    idfkYear ago

    I swear everywhere I go on USlikes I always bloody see this song and it triggers me!

  73. Frico Boi

    Frico BoiYear ago

    That’s the most booty you will ever get

  74. RainVorex

    RainVorexYear ago

    It is tru when he said he looks stupid

  75. adhil mehmud

    adhil mehmudYear ago

    oh lord no pls

  76. Etika Ribss

    Etika RibssYear ago

    Love this song 🔥😍❤️

  77. Jose Diego Cangalaya

    Jose Diego CangalayaYear ago

    KSI is trash. Is minis what trash, is zero

  78. 195Cosey

    195CoseyYear ago

    Isnt this just the music video?

  79. Raulplays1234

    Raulplays1234Year ago

    The singer sounds like Jake Paul

  80. Tubbymakesnoize

    TubbymakesnoizeYear ago

    Jj always pushes boundries. Lil Baby, Trippie, RR so excited for who's next and who's on the album!! This one is definetly a highlight for me, even REMIXED it myself cuz i loved it so much (it would mean the world if anyone took a chance on it) Anyways hope you all are staying safe indoors lol. Can't wait to see whats next for Jj luv you - just another fan

  81. Will Baxter

    Will BaxterYear ago

    yo y did i think BTS was doing a remix w/ him lmao

  82. Glitch Reflex

    Glitch ReflexYear ago

    A wise man once said " guys I'm bulking "

  83. Exploding_Rowlet

    Exploding_RowletYear ago

    *Why is there two BTS vids but no real Wake Up Call?*

  84. Aqua Dude

    Aqua DudeYear ago

    Legit I dropped my phone as soon as the beat started

  85. Sunil Bhatti

    Sunil BhattiYear ago

    Like comment subscribe

  86. Ethan Gurr

    Ethan GurrYear ago

    Everyone be like "y the hell has ksi made a remix with BTS 😂

  87. Iplay240p

    Iplay240pYear ago

    title: wake up cal behind the scenes everyone: behind the scenes of behind the scenes of wake up call

  88. A.K007

    A.K007Year ago

    Bro you channels dying get uploading

  89. yungbrat

    yungbratYear ago

    Every kpop fan wait what you got BTS in this song tf see there video and it saw behind the scenes and then is ohhh dislike for false advertisement 😂😂😂 That is lowkey me tho 😂😂😂

  90. Zack Whittom-Morel

    Zack Whittom-MorelYear ago

    Team Paul

  91. Uk special coins

    Uk special coinsYear ago


  92. killer killer

    killer killerYear ago


  93. Zion Manners

    Zion MannersYear ago

    Was jj actually mad or was he acting

  94. xwds

    xwdsYear ago

    Ok ok I can’t be the only one who read BTS as the KPOP group and not behind the scenes, I got fucking scared lmao i thought they were a feature

  95. YCLMTO

    YCLMTOYear ago

    I still don't know if this was a joke or not😂

  96. Joseph

    JosephYear ago

    0:46 JJ: Ah ah

  97. Phantom Blaze

    Phantom BlazeYear ago

    What species is mini trippie

  98. EZY

    EZYYear ago

    Behind the scenes of the behind the scenes

  99. SkippyZero

    SkippyZeroYear ago

    The original video was already a behind the scenes 😂

  100. KSI

    KSIYear ago


  101. steezzy_ Alvarado124

    steezzy_ Alvarado124Year ago

    Not gonna lie jj kinda reminds me of old juice wrld

  102. steezzy_ Alvarado124

    steezzy_ Alvarado124Year ago

    Rip juice wrld the king

  103. whats up

    whats upYear ago


  104. CallMeAndrewlol

    CallMeAndrewlolYear ago

    1:45 red shirt girl getting possessed

  105. CYCLOPS - FF

    CYCLOPS - FF6 months ago


  106. chill tank

    chill tankYear ago

    I dont lnow if i have to cry or laugh

  107. NightmareNightKiller

    NightmareNightKillerYear ago

    so lit

  108. TinyCarnage888

    TinyCarnage888Year ago

    Your thic

  109. Dre Harper

    Dre HarperYear ago

    2020 is very odd there's this then there's people talking about other dimensions and transcending time