KSI - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Official Music Video]

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
#KSI #LilPump #Smokepurpp


  1. Shaun Vargeese

    Shaun Vargeese15 minutes ago

    Lil pump is the type of guy who wud write with a rubber and rub with a pencil ✏️

  2. Nishchint Makode

    Nishchint Makode3 hours ago

    1:10 is that Tenet before Tenet even released...

  3. Travis Scott

    Travis Scott9 hours ago

    Baiyle sok

  4. Manic Master

    Manic Master17 hours ago

    This song so fire



    Habegebegebegebegebegebegebegebegebegebegebege... Ntah apa apa pun yang mereka katakan tapi saya tetap mendengar kan ooh 💩🙈🙉🙊

  6. Shalom Odutola

    Shalom OdutolaDay ago

    Lil pump is the type of guy who takes his phone to the doctor when his batteries are dead

  7. Campbell

    CampbellDay ago

    King Bach!!

  8. Leonardo Zuniga

    Leonardo ZunigaDay ago

    200 dollars on watches i thought these guys were so rich i swear to god help them

  9. Spectr0

    Spectr0Day ago

    This is KSI's best song its soo good

  10. YLS

    YLSDay ago

    king bach carried the whole song

  11. Just some guy with a mask

    Just some guy with a mask2 days ago

    At least pump pumped one bar

  12. Shanel Wilson

    Shanel Wilson2 days ago

    I saw king Bach lol

  13. Raidz Playz

    Raidz Playz2 days ago

    0:45 yo is that King Bach??

  14. Glxyoea

    Glxyoea2 days ago


  15. ArcticShark 17

    ArcticShark 172 days ago

    There could have been more better peoplw to use for a feature than this guy he bad compared to everyone else he like a lil pump rip off

  16. BroDiePie

    BroDiePie3 days ago

    Lil Pump is the type a guy to jump in the pool to breath

  17. Slander_foxie King

    Slander_foxie King3 days ago

    Wth I like BTS plus BTS SUGA can rap very-fast than Ksi and smokepurrp and lil pump lol BTS IS THE BEST KPOPID THE BEST

  18. Welcome To My Channel - Moz

    Welcome To My Channel - Moz3 days ago


  19. willard peck

    willard peck3 days ago

    this is dogshit lol

  20. Dillon M

    Dillon M3 days ago

    Was amped when I saw Bailey Sok, almost clicked off when I saw Bach. Fuck that lil bitch. Bailey fire as always tho. 🔥

  21. Avinash Dubey

    Avinash Dubey3 days ago

    Not wrist, lungs got corona😂

  22. african kaleab

    african kaleab3 days ago

    Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year. Repent.

  23. Matthew Hopwood

    Matthew Hopwood3 days ago

    King batch is vibin

  24. Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlays

    Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlays3 days ago

    Lil Pump is that type of person that shits in the sink but washes his hand in the toilet

  25. squixZ

    squixZ4 days ago

    why did lil pump have to rime corona and ebola lmao

  26. loluame

    loluame4 days ago

    That a doomshop beat or phonk? Hard to tell them apart

  27. ariel abo

    ariel abo4 days ago

    no way he made this

  28. Josh D

    Josh D4 days ago

    put the speed at 0.75

  29. Xewix

    Xewix4 days ago

    lil pump ruined this

  30. Vortex

    Vortex4 days ago

    Honestly i dont think lil pump’s verse was bad, it’s just the the “look at my wrist corona, my neck got Ebola part” wasn’t that great, but it was pretty good

  31. wildfireboi

    wildfireboi4 days ago

    Kids are watching this and you explain where the are when you was reacting to to peeps watching

  32. MigrantZander

    MigrantZander5 days ago

    unironically think jj has the worst flow on his own song here

  33. Yusuf Sekandari

    Yusuf Sekandari6 days ago

    Lil pump is the kind of guy who will wash his teeth then drink orange juice.

  34. Yusuf Sekandari

    Yusuf Sekandari6 days ago

    lil pulp is that one kid who tells the teacher about the homework but he didn’t do the homework himself.

  35. Domz ZR

    Domz ZR6 days ago

    lil pump is the reason soap has instructions

  36. Jhon Hollaway

    Jhon Hollaway6 days ago

    Mate the fact that you did a song with Lil pump. Jesus


    LOSTBOYS7 days ago

    Cant lie, the beat actually goes insanely hard


    LOSTBOYSDay ago


  39. Dr. Drea

    Dr. DreaDay ago

    They sampled $uicideboy$ - what the fuck is happening, it goes harder in that song imo

  40. Mythical HZ

    Mythical HZ7 days ago

    jj is a more talented artist than lil pump. bite me

  41. Ryder Animations and stuff 2

    Ryder Animations and stuff 28 days ago

    Lil pump is the dude that tries to drown a fish

  42. Tunchi Delicate

    Tunchi Delicate8 days ago


  43. ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T

    ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T8 days ago

    TBH the hook kindda weak

  44. ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T

    ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T9 days ago

    Ok everything aside but purpp really killed it

  45. EpikMurk

    EpikMurk9 days ago


  46. Spaz derby

    Spaz derby10 days ago

    This is his best song


    DOMED THE GOD10 days ago

    Tell me why kingbach is literally everywhere

  48. GilNightray06

    GilNightray0611 days ago

    Lil pump the type of guy to do meth instead of math.

  49. Blockman go Gamer

    Blockman go Gamer11 days ago

    Ksi=jj olatunji Pewdiepie=Felix kjhellberg They know something Maybe we can have kspew (Reddit u know what to do)

  50. SniperGu1

    SniperGu111 days ago

    tbh i only liked ksi part in the song

  51. SniperGu1

    SniperGu19 days ago

    @ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T at this point he could add jp

  52. ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T

    ムスタファ-Baig-G O A T9 days ago

    Really? I actually also realky like purpp, pump was not good lol

  53. Victor P

    Victor P11 days ago

    I use to not like pump but since he made the speech at trump rally lil pimp had me sold he really woke up

  54. Joshua Espinoza

    Joshua Espinoza11 days ago

    Girl in the beginning was in the tinder video #3

  55. XXgaming67

    XXgaming6711 days ago

    Why is king Bach in the background

  56. Matthew Corbin

    Matthew Corbin11 days ago

    My neck got Ebola

  57. Shadlow

    Shadlow12 days ago

    dude just quit rap....this shit just ain't for you

  58. Mohammed Ebrahim

    Mohammed Ebrahim7 days ago

    this bangs without lil pump

  59. Ocean Games 2

    Ocean Games 211 days ago


  60. _Voltmas _

    _Voltmas _12 days ago

    the lil pumps dose kinda go hard but i cant take it serious

  61. Supreme Coryxkenshin

    Supreme Coryxkenshin12 days ago

    I just randomly paustd and i see king bach in the back 43 seconds in😂

  62. TheLivingLegend

    TheLivingLegend13 days ago

    Lil pump is the type of guy who opens a glass window to look outside

  63. cristina jane

    cristina jane13 days ago

    can we just appreciate how nice this song actually sounds

  64. Java Sumatra

    Java Sumatra2 days ago

    The only part that sounds ok is the pre-chorus and the second verse the rest is dogshit

  65. Shirley Fitz

    Shirley Fitz13 days ago

    Not even going to talk about lil pump smokepurp and ksi carried this song wish smokepurp could do this more

  66. Fayed Bin Abdullah

    Fayed Bin Abdullah13 days ago

    Dax's version of poppin would be moppin

  67. Kaleb Martin

    Kaleb Martin13 days ago

    Ksi cannot rap you can’t even understand what he’s saying🤣

  68. Ocean Games 2

    Ocean Games 211 days ago

    @Kaleb Martin he’s not tho....The first time i listened to the song I heard him perfectly. There’s something definitely wrong with you if you can’t hear him, you might be deaf lmao.

  69. Kaleb Martin

    Kaleb Martin11 days ago

    @Ocean Games 2 first of all i used emojis to show you how much you made me laugh and second of all ksi is mumbling half of the song so don’t tell me “sums wrong with me” when he is literally mumbling

  70. Ocean Games 2

    Ocean Games 211 days ago

    @Kaleb Martin “can’t understand a single word” bruv yes you can, if you can’t hear a single word he says then there is something wrong with you. Btw, using emojis don’t help make your point.

  71. Kaleb Martin

    Kaleb Martin11 days ago

    @Ocean Games 2 and smoke purp is a joke🤣🤣🤣 just look at his freestyle he is a actual joke

  72. Kaleb Martin

    Kaleb Martin11 days ago

    Your special Ed🤣 anyone one with a Brain knows ksi cannot rap😂🤣 you can’t understand a single word he is saying and the fact that you are taking up for ksi shows me your a ksi fanboy

  73. Mack Cleary

    Mack Cleary13 days ago

    Skrt skrt bleeeee

  74. RosesOf HennessXY

    RosesOf HennessXY13 days ago

    Look at my wrist corona, my neck got Ebola -LilPump.

  75. nobody

    nobody13 days ago

    "My neck got ebola" Lil pump 2020.

  76. Deoxys

    Deoxys14 days ago

    Yo i thought that shit said poopin 😭

  77. Dureh Saleh

    Dureh Saleh14 days ago


  78. Glitxh

    Glitxh14 days ago

    bro who else saw bach lol haha

  79. Vɪn Sʜzn

    Vɪn Sʜzn15 days ago

    One of his best flow

  80. Naveen Nakalema

    Naveen Nakalema15 days ago

    great to see king bach in the background

  81. tommy Dawson

    tommy Dawson15 days ago

    This rather than Jake's channel smh

  82. Yoran Van Leuven

    Yoran Van Leuven15 days ago

    Ksi is crazy tommy george and Wilbur pranked him and slaps Wilbur the side of the head what the hell no respect

  83. cHroMe Cupid coss

    cHroMe Cupid coss14 days ago

    are you 10?

  84. Never gonna give you up

    Never gonna give you up16 days ago

    The adlibs on this song reminds me of quadeca and dax

  85. Noah Ross Roberts

    Noah Ross Roberts16 days ago

    Ngl I hate lil pump but he just went hard on his verse expecially the start or is that jus me

  86. Goated27

    Goated2717 days ago

    why tf is King Bach in this vid

  87. Cristi Ion

    Cristi Ion17 days ago

    pump tookover dis song lmao

  88. Meltingbadge316 Roblox

    Meltingbadge316 Roblox17 days ago


  89. flauschebär

    flauschebär17 days ago

    Suicideboys what the fuck is happening

  90. Lord Gonk Droid

    Lord Gonk Droid18 days ago

    I could actually understand Lil Pump in this

  91. Newly New

    Newly New19 days ago

    Bailey has been my idol... And I actually pretended she was dancing with me

  92. Ethan Burniston

    Ethan Burniston19 days ago

    How long till eminem disses ksi to

  93. Ethan Burniston

    Ethan Burniston19 days ago


  94. GhXst

    GhXst20 days ago


  95. Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones20 days ago

    yo king bach?

  96. Karima Semmane

    Karima Semmane20 days ago


  97. Demon's Eye

    Demon's Eye20 days ago

    His a clown not a rapper

  98. `

    `20 days ago

    If mr pump was to dress like that people won't hate him so much. You got a like cause of that.

  99. The Bull V2.0

    The Bull V2.020 days ago

    Lil pump the type of guy to water the grass when it’s raining.

  100. Vaminations

    Vaminations21 day ago

    0:43 king Bach in the back

  101. 69 K goldn

    69 K goldn21 day ago

    Yo am i seeing stuff or is king bach in this video

  102. BloukiezZ Blou

    BloukiezZ Blou21 day ago

    Bro anyone else thinks the chick is killing it!!?? 😳 🔥 Top dancing

  103. e a

    e a21 day ago

    Ksi raps surprisingly and unexpected


    IMPOSSIBLE21 day ago

    who else spotted king bach

  105. Manu

    Manu22 days ago

    This is unironically Lil pump's best song.

  106. OneStarVFX

    OneStarVFX22 days ago

    if you say you hate this song, you're taking it too seriously. this shit got me shmoovin' in my seat

  107. Neremik

    Neremik22 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk how king bach is here

  108. Angel Ortiz

    Angel Ortiz23 days ago

    Ksi sounds like he's been doin it since a jit

  109. Ttvgamer55 Hi

    Ttvgamer55 Hi23 days ago

    King bach

  110. Andy Hooper

    Andy Hooper23 days ago

    Best song ever

  111. Best Believe

    Best Believe24 days ago

    one thing cant get off my mind.... My neck got EBOLA!

  112. Bigupyo bigupyobigupyo

    Bigupyo bigupyobigupyo24 days ago

    Lol how the fuck KSI ge to many subsribers xd

  113. Emre Boz

    Emre Boz25 days ago

    this beat is stolen. its on "what the fuck is happening-suicideboys"


    SHUBHAM PATIL21 day ago

    It's called a Sample dumbass. Pretty sure they paid for the beat.